Monday, 2 February 2015

Not without my daughter; a book review in my own words

One day when I want to feel the emotion and cry my heart out, I will go and pick this book!!! One day when I want to feel the feeling of a strong mother, I will re-read this book!!! One day when I feel completely low and want to pick my mood up, I will re-visit this book!!!

For this book is all about hardships faced by a woman; a mother of a four year old daughter. With her non ceasing patience and undying love for her daughter made her win those scary struggles. Yes! It is a book about being a responsible and powerful mother, so it is a MUST READ kind of book.

Not without my daughter, a book written by Betty Mahmoody and Willaim Hoffer can melt your heart for a while. I always wanted to read this book and after a yearlong waiting I got the book and finally I am done with it. The book revolves around Betty, the author of the book, her four year old daughter Mathob and her Iranian husband Dr.Moody.  Betty, was a young American mother married to an Iranian doctor based in America. The first time Betty meet Moody was during the time when she had been sick and hospitalized. Dr. Moody then had been in charge of her health and with her prolong stay in the hospital made them feel for each other. Like everyone their love story was filled with happiness which made them to take it to another level. Soon they got married. A color was added to their happily married life when Betty gave birth to a daughter, Mathob. The story takes a twist when Dr.Moody decided to visit Iran along with his wife and daughter.

Betty was excited and happy to accompany her husband. She never thought that her two week visits will turn into a worst nightmare. Back in Iran, Betty and her daughter had tough time adjusting to Iranian life style esp. Joint family. Each day in Iran had been a challenge and they just waited to end the 14th day. So excited was Betty and her daughter on the 14th day, they started packing their things when suddenly Moody said they were not going back to America. The word broke the heart of mother and daughter. All Betty could think was, she wanted to get out of Iran and she don’t want to be a hostage in another country where ladies have no freedom.

From the day one of her hostage, she started planning for her exit to America. Each passing day turned worst and worst. Moody showed his true colour of an Iranian husband. Betty was assaulted in front of his relatives. She was treated very harshly and sometime she used to be house arrested. He wanted to separate Betty from Mathob and sometime he locked her in her bedroom and took Mathob away. Whenever she had the chance to go out she worked on her plan. Somehow she came across with Swiss embassy. Without any thought she took the assistance of people working there. Back in America, her daddy was dying of cancer and still her husband didn’t let her go. Once he said that she can leave America to meet her Daddy but without Mathob. Never for a moment had she thought she will leave without her daughter. The unconditional love of a mother for her daughter was too strong. His selfishness and ego made Betty much stronger and every day she whispered to herself “where there is will, there is a way”. These lines said to her by her dying daddy made her a real hero and a mother.

After a year long struggle and hardship she managed to get out of Iran with the support of her friends working in the Swiss Embassy. Finally Betty and Mathob were back in America happily and freely.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and now I can’t wait to read her next book “For the Love of a Child” by Betty and Arnold D.Dunchock. ..


  1. Wonderful review. It's well written. It seems it is a very touching book. Keep posting.

  2. I would love to see break in para in between~ :D