Sakura さくら: Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom season is the traditional mark of Spring in Japan.Cherry blossom usually bloom between mid-March and early May, while the dates for blossom changes from year to year. This year it has peaked on March 26th, the earliest ever since 1409, when the season reached its peak on 27th March. Many of the cherry blossom viewing events and festivals were canceled or scaled back due to Covid-19. However, despite that, we took some time into some calm and silent place to enjoy the blossom and breath sakura.     Breathing Sakura air                 This year may be hard ...But the flowers still Bloom... Viewing the Hope.... Not a Damsel in Distress Beyond Distance, Beyond Time and Beyond Word: We Love Our Bhutan  OH! No... Beauty Sakura in the air Happiness blooms from within Let your dreams bloom “Where flowers bloom so does hope” —Lady Bird Johnson

Flashback February

 February came and left with loads of memories to cherish!!! In the February air, I learnt to enjoy every  moment , and in its darkness I almost gave my way to impermanence when 7.3 magnitude Earthquake occurred. All in all, February was short and sweet. The shades of this month shall be cherished forever!!! Sharing some happy FEBRUARY moments View point Mount Mitake (929 masl, Western Tokyo) Spring making its way through winter... Oh! Sunshine... My Beautiful group Carry as little as possible... Not without our Bag packs  Happiness in the mountain  Inhaling the mountain air  Away from Home... Home feel when you encounter  such space... Be Happy for this moment...  Mitake shrine Clear and Pure.... When Happiness comes in small package: A packet of Wai Wai matters Nothing can beat the happiness of having a cup of milk tea with zaw in Others land: Home Feel You light up our Day: Luchbox with home feel Solid Tag team (Utokyo Bhutanese)


  There is something about the winter sun The warmth and the feel The hope it aspires The flashbacks it plays That emotion it triggers in you Winter sun is truly an exceptional Sunset JICA Chubu-Nagoya

Diversity Sourcing and Sharing Diversity - My Random Thought

Seeds produced by farmers are the most important source of planting materials in the world. Though these seeds are not a part of the formal seed sector, however, the value they carry as a part of the indigenous seed is immeasurable. The importance of farmer-produced seed varies between crops, farms, regions, and countries. In most developing countries, almost 60-100% of the seeds planted are farmer produced or exchanged. Similarly in Bhutan, in the absence of a formal seed sector, the major source of seeds for Bhutanese farmers revolved around farm-produced seeds or exchange within and among the communities. However, in recent times, traditional seed varieties have disappeared at an alarming rate. The seeds that we have five years ago no longer can be found in a community, thus, forget about asking for seeds from decades ago. Being aware of the impacts of climate change on agriculture, it’s no denying fact that agriculture sector is somehow a victim of climate change. In days to come,

Not Without My Daughter: A Book Review in My Words

One day when I want to feel the emotion and cry my heart out, I will go and pick this book!!! One day when I want to feel the feeling of a strong mother, I will re-read this book!!! One day when I feel completely low and want to pick my mood up, I will re-visit this book!!! For this book is all about hardships faced by a woman; a mother of a four year old daughter. With her non ceasing patience and undying love for her daughter made her win those daunting struggles. Yes! It is a book about being a responsible and powerful mother, so it is a MUST READ kind of book. Not without my daughter, an autobiographical account of Betty Mahmoody can melt your heart for a while. I always wanted to read this book and after a yearlong waiting I got the book and finally I am done with it. The book revolves around Betty, the author of the book, her four year old daughter Mathob and her Iranian husband Dr.Mahmoody.  Betty, a young American mother was married to an Iranian doctor based in America.


Lately, everyone around is involved in flowers.In the process of this activity, I realized my weakness with flowers; I hardly know the names of flowers exc luding the common ones and sometime it is a shame to call myself an agriculturalist. Thus I came up with this post to update myself with flowers.  I was exploring through the languages of flowers and found it very interesting to know that each and every single flower symbolizes something.  Every flower we grow or give has its own meaning and thus it is important for us to know what each flower represents before we grow or give. A flower a day can make someones day brighter!!!! To be Continued with more flowers..... Binomial Name Leucanthemum vulgare Common Name Ox-eye daisy Family Asteraceae Plant Description It is a rhizomatous perennial grassland wild flower growing up to a height of 3 feet tall. The stem is un-branched and sprouts laterally from the creeping