Monday, 27 October 2014

Thank You Holland; Forever in My Heart :) :)

It was 12:05 pm (Thai standard time) 13th of September 2014 when I travelled to the Netherlands from Bangkok. It was no fun being on a flight for 11 hours esp. when you are alone. The evening of that day I reached Schiphol International airport, Holland. The sun was brightly up in the sky and the beautiful plain stretch unceasing in front of me. Here at Holland I was lodged at one of the most beautiful location in the entire Holland; the Scheveningen Haven in the Hauge. The beautiful North Sea lies just in front of our apartment. Yes! Every day here had been a good surprise for me. I never missed a chance to visit the super crowded Amsterdam, the world’s second largest harbor; the Rotterdam and some other cities in Holland.
Fairy tales only happen in dream or movies; but this time it wasn’t any more. I found myself standing under the gigantic Effile tower which was a dream come true. Visiting Paris was what I have always wanted to do in my life. It was fun exploring the historical city, Paris. No wonder the capital of European Union; Brussels’ Belgium is a beautiful place to explore. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to this place. Despite the cold and rainy day the visit to the mini Europe and Automium had been a memorable one. It was another exciting and adventurous visit to the great Hitler’s Land. Just yesterday, the 26th of October the day light saving ended and we are 5 hours behind Bhutan and it was a different feeling when you suddenly lose one hour of your day. So staying here for almost 2 month had been the best exposure I can ever ask for.
Though away from home, I was always connected with my family and friends. Never for a day had I missed talking to them. Yes! There had been a time when I hated myself for being away when my dad needed me the most. It hurts to think over that day but with the grace of god, his speedy recovery gave my heart a peace. I had the best group of friends to hang out and every one had been so nice that I already started missing them now.

The time change for sun rise and set, travelling by tram, wind mills, the peace Calton beach, fries, evening walk towards the peace palace, the chill wind brushing up against my cheek, and light autumn shower, every bits of these memories I am taking home. Being in Holland had been a good chapter to look back over the years. It is here I rediscovered myself and now as I bid good bye to this homely place I just wonder whether I could get back here to experience and explore Holland again. Now I can’t wait to go back home and see the smiling faces of my close ones which I had missed for last 2 months, yet it would be unfair if I don’t say this, “Thank you! Holland for giving me a space”. I will miss you !