Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The most awkward Night

We were watching a movie in our school auditorium. It was late night and we were keenly dissolved in that film. I was accompanied by my friend Khandom Tashi and Chechey Pelmo. “Kuenza…kuenza……Passa…..chechey….Someone called us in his highest peak. We gazed around and could not see any one. The hall was filled with student. We did not give a damn and were lost in that movie. The same voice was heard and there in front of us appeared My Dad with a cane stick. We stared at the wall clock and it was 11:30pm.
Oh My God!! Apa was very annoyed. I could still vividly remember his face and the voice. In front of all our mates he smacked us like anything.” You kids are always late, don’t you have a home, why are you always here”…he shouted at his highest pitch in his Sha accent. We jumped from our bench and ran like cheetah. He was chasing us with that long cane stick. There is a stream between our home and school. Usually it is just a five minute walk from our school to home, that night we took nearly 20 minutes; we were hiding behind the rocks in that scary night. I should say it was like a hide and seek game with Apa.
 Apa Jamyang was mad with our manners and later he caught us and we were punished. From that night he never allowed us out after 6 pm. Being spanked in front of all our buddies made us feel uneasy. It was really embarrassing. The next day was like a night mare. We refused to go but he was against our action. I still remember the next day; we were hiding from our friends. Every one asked about what Dad did after reaching home. We never responded yet we stayed silent.
For me the most awkward moment as a young and innocent kid was when I and my two pals were whacked in front of all our friends. I still remember that awkward night at Jyenkhana Pry. School.  We thank him for being strict. As of now you are the most understanding dad one could have. We just love you for giving us that moment.

Monday, 8 October 2012

My experience in Kengkhar

Kengkhar is a small Community in Mongar Dzongkhag. It is three days official walk from Mongar. The place is most admired for its handicraft products like Baap (mask), Palang and Choesham. It is a very striking place and people are homely. Water is the major constraint for the Kengkharpas. The last place we could see a small stream is near Kheshingri; No water source could be seen after that. It had been decades without water and people had no choice. The only source of water for them is THE RAIN. Rain for Kengkharpas is like a true blessing in disguise. In front of every household we could see a concrete water tank or a syntank to collect water during monsoon. They practice rain water harvesting for their daily use and for the crops.
Palang and Baap; the main source of income for Kengkharpas!!
 Kengkhar is a breathtaking place. The early sun rise and late sun set are the true beauty of Kengkhar. One should not go all the way to Japan and watch the sun rise; we could experience it here in Kengkhar. The early sun rises around 5:00am in the morning and it’s wonderful. The amazing location to watch the sun set is Udaric; from here we could see the enormous sun kissing the hills of Kheng gongdue.Bhutan is blessed with beautiful places... The electricity in Kengkhar is yet to be introduced. They still use the kerosene lamp for lighting. There are two school and students walk hours to reach the school. Looking at those kids I feel that I am born with a silver spoon in my mouth.
The Zimzorong hill is one place that a person would hate and panic to climb. Now with the modernization coming into a place, a farm road has been introduced to their geog and we do not have to climb that hill. The farm road has cut down the use of horses. Now People there could easily get access to the facilities out of their community.
 After being to this place for several times, I feel that my community back at Haa is truly a blessed place with access to every sort of facilities. I am fortunate that I was born in Western part of Bhutan, however I enjoyed being here in Kengkhar and it was like discovering a new place. Fortunately the country is moving faster in terms of modernization and soon this beautiful place will be blessed with all the facilities. Overall it had been an adventurous trip for a girl who had always been ready for an adventure. I enjoyed learning about different situation and it had been a wonderful trip.
The Sun Set

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Just a Thought on being "Ama"......

Life moves on with some beautiful changes in one’s life. The evening of 29th November 2011, I formally and legally became ama to the very adoring Jatsho P Wangyel. It was a new alteration and experience in my life. That was my most special moment. I jumped with joy to celebrate the birth of Jatsho. He came to our family after 21 years.
I had always been fond of kids and I am sure Jatsho will love me more. The feeling of being an Ama is just like being a mom. I had been a frank Amchu to my older nephew Wangchu, loving and playful Ama to darling Tashi seldom and I am looking forward to become a great Ama to  Jatsho. My nephews and nieces had always been friendly and fond of me more than anyone else. I hope one day I make a proud and great aunt to all of them. The experience of being an aunt itself is just awesome. I feel like I am a mom now.
"Only an Aunt... can give hugs like a mother, can keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend." Of all the relation being an aunt is very accountable and loving relation. I love being called Ama, Amchu and Aunty….after all it’s the feeling of being mom. I love all of them fairly and truly, yet for now I am head over heel with Jatsho. Thanks to all those wonderful people who gave me such loving nieces and nephews!!!

Its all about Knowing me better...:)


Passang Wangmo is a simple girl with simple dreams...I am popular as Kuenza for my inner world. I belong to a simple and quiet family in a small community in western corner of our country. I was born in the month filled with love; February. I am a pampered daughter of my family. I am Born to a Father from Wangduephordang and Mom from Haa. That makes me a mixture of Haap and a Sha. I am blessed with two loving ashim.
I hate keeping secrets…That’s why what is in my heart is on my lips. I love being with my friends and enjoying hanging out with them. My greatest fear is losing my loved ones. I consider myself honest and dedicated. My friends think that I am a hardworking girl.  I love reading books and am fascinated by good books. I enjoy writing and thus I believe in “forget all the rules and write for yourself”. I am a very good dreamer. It’s rightly predicted that Snake people are deep thinker and so I am... I love tuning to Taylor swift. The Sufi songs by Kalish Kher are very touching and love humming those songs. Each and every songs of Ugyen Pandey are beautiful. My day always begin with his song. I am now wholly in love with music. Music is the best solution for all sorts of problems. I hate people who show two faces.
My friends are my strength. I am not a fair weathered kind of buddy. It is the fact that I value friendship the most. The company I always loved sharing my top secrets are my 4 puenchas (Tshewang Lhamo,Sonam Tshomo,Denka,Xoonam) and the 4 Idiot of Jyenkhana( Kinley Bidha, Tashi Choden, Khandom Tashi ,Chechey Pelmo). They are my first priority and are my 2 am pal.
 My tears are my weakness. I cry very easily. I really wanted to visit Singapore and Seoul. Sometime I wish for the togetherness. Life is too short to be away from your loved one. I am a very emotional and a family girl. My family is everything for me. I always wanted to become someone related to arts. However my dream shattered when I was forced to join science. 2006 is the most regretful year. I admire our Prime Minister Lyoenchen Jigme Y Thinley... Many people think that politics is a dirty game yet I love politics. Politics is all about being a part of a history.
Cozy Days at Bumthang with My friends.....
I enjoy gardening though I do not have green hand like others. I fear darkness and I believe in ghost. I like watching movies. Shahid kapoor is the one and only celebrity that I would kill to go out with. His dance moves and smile makes me go crazy. I relate enjoyment to something from which I get lots of happiness. I never relate enjoyment to abusing my life. I am very passionate when it comes to life and enjoyment. My Mom thinks that I am a chatty and I guess she is right. I love talking. I believe that Love is something which will make you feel alive.  Loving someone is really a wonderful feeling. Love can happen anywhere. Somewhere down the line I am ready to fall in love with a tall, dark and a handsome guy.” Marry only when you want to get married not when you feel you should be married”. I take this line very seriously. Marriage is all about finding your fate.
That’s all about me………

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