Monday, 8 October 2012

My experience in Kengkhar

Kengkhar is a small Community in Mongar Dzongkhag. It is three days official walk from Mongar. The place is most admired for its handicraft products like Baap (mask), Palang and Choesham. It is a very striking place and people are homely. Water is the major constraint for the Kengkharpas. The last place we could see a small stream is near Kheshingri; No water source could be seen after that. It had been decades without water and people had no choice. The only source of water for them is THE RAIN. Rain for Kengkharpas is like a true blessing in disguise. In front of every household we could see a concrete water tank or a syntank to collect water during monsoon. They practice rain water harvesting for their daily use and for the crops.
Palang and Baap; the main source of income for Kengkharpas!!
 Kengkhar is a breathtaking place. The early sun rise and late sun set are the true beauty of Kengkhar. One should not go all the way to Japan and watch the sun rise; we could experience it here in Kengkhar. The early sun rises around 5:00am in the morning and it’s wonderful. The amazing location to watch the sun set is Udaric; from here we could see the enormous sun kissing the hills of Kheng gongdue.Bhutan is blessed with beautiful places... The electricity in Kengkhar is yet to be introduced. They still use the kerosene lamp for lighting. There are two school and students walk hours to reach the school. Looking at those kids I feel that I am born with a silver spoon in my mouth.
The Zimzorong hill is one place that a person would hate and panic to climb. Now with the modernization coming into a place, a farm road has been introduced to their geog and we do not have to climb that hill. The farm road has cut down the use of horses. Now People there could easily get access to the facilities out of their community.
 After being to this place for several times, I feel that my community back at Haa is truly a blessed place with access to every sort of facilities. I am fortunate that I was born in Western part of Bhutan, however I enjoyed being here in Kengkhar and it was like discovering a new place. Fortunately the country is moving faster in terms of modernization and soon this beautiful place will be blessed with all the facilities. Overall it had been an adventurous trip for a girl who had always been ready for an adventure. I enjoyed learning about different situation and it had been a wonderful trip.
The Sun Set

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