Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My Journey to vegetarianism

Every time you sit on the table for your meal, there is always a choice between kindnesses over cruelty. It’s never that easy to say no to meats. Sometime I just wonder how cruel we are; we never bothered to think over what is in our plate in front of us. There are some who cannot dine without a single meat menu and it has become a usual routine. In the present world, there are plenty of options and choices of foods for vegetarian. Why eat others, when we can’t bear the pain of a slightest cut on our body. This is just my thinking.
In my case, it’s a different story. I never enjoyed eating meat. It doesn’t mean I am a religious or an animal lover. It was just a natural choice. I aren’t a vegetarian, I do eat dried meat like dry fish and Sikaam but not always. I haven’t tasted any other menu than those mentioned. A year ago I had bidden good bye to Sikaam and just a month ago I stopped the very appetitezer; dry fish. I find eggs too dirty to eat and that childhood notion has helped me to stay away from eating eggs. Back home, when my mom cook delicious meat dishes, I would choose to have a simple potato curry. A Non- Vegetable dishes never excites me.
My journey to vegetarian took a long year though I hardly take. At times it is difficult and disadvantage of being a vegetarian especially when you are travelling and people always prefer to serve you with non-veg menu. That is the time when I just close my eyes and say I am not hungry. Sometime people take it another way; when we say we are vegetarian. I vividly remember a lady asking me,” are you Ngyae (fish), Pha (pork) and Gong (egg) sum?” To which my response was yeah! I already knew what notion was ringing in her head. But there is nothing like that in it. It is just a matter of being vegetarian.
It is sad when the never talking creatures are killed for human consumption and satisfaction. Everyone has a right to live their way. Why kill another and eat or wear them to quench our hunger and warm our self? Where is the humanity?? These questions keep ringing in my head frequently. I don’t find it a fair game.  Going vegetarian doesn’t require any extra strength. Just stop buying meat; instead replace your menu with veggies. The prolong absence of non-veg menu will slowly decline your interest for the no-veg menu and later becoming a vegetarian.

Congratulation to myself!!! I am a month old vegetarian. I would never choose to eat meat any more. This is just a bit I could do for those never talking creatures. Someday I am looking forward to go vegan. 


  1. This is juz an awesome decision/move @Passang. You can be a very hormonized creature on this beautiful earth (Y)

  2. At least I should say Good :p.. Keep it up!!

  3. hahha.... Your this comment Sangay... :p

  4. Appreciate your decision to go green. At least M thinking to...

    1. Thank You .. @ sangay... Join me .. lets go green!!!

  5. Amazing lines. My dear girl, shakam and dried fish weren't grown on trees��

  6. Through your thought provoking article on the topic has put me back to my college days. During those days i became veg for four years and couldnt take more because of social circle and my mother. We have always a believe that if someone doesn't take meat he/she would become thin and most likely to be attack by diseases and i am thoroughly confused and left the idea. If you can i would suggest you to continue till the end...ALL THE BEST