Thursday, 5 September 2013

The popular Kids…. Then!

“Sometimes it’s better to bunk a class with your friends and enjoy with them, because today when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do”…… A.P.J Abdul  Kalam.

I remember escaping my classes and attending the local rituals at our village. It all happened when I was a kid and studying in Jyenkhana. Come June, then most of us would not be seen during our afternoon classes. The annual ritual in our community usually starts from June.  I and my group won’t be seen in most of the afternoon class. We would bunk and directly go to the place where ritual is taking place. Ritual then was like our afternoon classes, Must attend!! The best part of attending ritual is eating, drinking changkay,talking, singing and most of all the dancing after drinking changkay.  We never bothered about our attendance.

It was so much fun to escape the afternoon classes where most students fall asleep.  I could still vividly remember us eating our dinner on the way.  We never missed a chance to attend a ritual. Back then we were the most popular kids since we were day scholar.  The worst part of the day used is missing our evening prayer. Our warden was a very strict man. I still remember the cane stick and the way he call our name. Yeah! It is true that we have been arrested many times for bunking our classes and missing the evening prayer, yet as I look back now nothing can beat the laughter and fun moments we shared. We never bothered to study and when I look back now I wonder how we passed our examination. 
Now, it had almost been long gap without attending those rituals with my buddies.  Today when we meet and talk,we never missed a topic about this. Those moments are the best part of our life. I am happy that I have bunked many of my afternoon classes as today it makes me feel good and happy. 

Those were the days of the popular kids of Jyenkhana. I miss those Big Times!!!


  1.'ve got a bundle of memories where you can find joy today. Loved through ur post. Keep posting la..

  2. Thank You for going through my post....

  3. Wow!!!
    Memories of school days, Nice one. Loved to read this.... Hope you will keep posting the similar.


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