Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Pics From the Fairy Tale Village

A beautiful bright Day 
Impressive school Kids with Woven Jola
The Beautiful khenedrang Resettlement  Community
My window view

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Note from my diary .....

“I am so blessed to be born to you. Thank you for being my strength and confidence”.
She is simple, brave, serious and hardworking. A woman of her word; unlike my dad, mom talk less and does more. Today she is 57 years old and I proudly say that she is one of the most hardworking ladies I have ever seen in my entire life. She is a strict mom compared to my dad. She taught me to be disciplined and behave myself.

As a kid I have troubled her so much with my naughtiness and prank. I never bothered to lend her a hand. I am a pampered daughter of my mom. I’m thankful to my mom for breastfeeding me till I was five; actually that was too much but yeah! I was. She is sincere and cool. I respect her as an individual and for being such a great woman. She is a true inspiration.

I miss the way you scold me, the way you look at me when I do something wrong and of all I miss the food you cook for me. You have been a wonderful mom and I love you  with all my heart. You are the person in whom I found my life and on whom I can shower my love.  A thought of losing you scares me to death. I wish if I can make you stand by my side forever. A smile on your face means a lot to me. I may not have been a good daughter but I am trying my best to be the best of best daughter.
I am truly blessed to have you on my side as my guidance. Thank you mom for loving me immensely. I love you always and forever.

My  Mom

Saturday, 7 September 2013

The hidden village- Khenedrang

 I woke up to a beautiful morning in a newly born village. Khenedrang is a resettlement village in Zobel geog under Pemagatsel. A small and fresh village located 22 kilometer away from the main town.  Today there are a total of 46 households. People have come from different places of Pemagatsel like Waphaey, chongmashing and nanong.
After seeing the community with a similar housing style and proper land management, it reminded me of my Farmville farm in facebook. The place is so beautiful that it just captured my innocent heart within a few moments. The land was given to the people by our fifth king. In front of every house you could see a drinking water tap and a proper toilet.  The people there started growing citrus and mango as their cash crop and upland paddy and maize as their food crop.
I was wandering around the community when my eye captured a shed in a school where beautiful woven Jolas were hanged. I couldn’t stop myself from having a clear view of that. Khenedrang Extended School has classes up to three. The students were made compulsory to carry their pack lunch in woven jola. I could see beautifully woven jola with awesome pattern hanged in the shed. We were told by the principal that this is just a bit that the school can do in preserving our culture. That was really an impressive act and wish if all schools in our country could follow that. The three year old village is connected by a farm road and electricity.
"Preserving our Culture"

“life changed after coming here. We have no enough words to thank our King for granting us the Land.” Says Jangchu Dorji, the village tshogpa. Today the village is a hot spot for many of the project and research. “It was our luck and fortune to be here today. In our former village there had been a water constraint and we couldn’t do any farming”, says abi Pema.
The community is yet to be developed and I am sure that one day this hidden village will be a model village of eastern Bhutan. I had a wonderful day at Khenedrang and exploring the hidden village was so much fun.  Just looking forward to my next visit.

Knowing the bloggers on Blog......

I have seen Madam Rekha’s post about e- conference of bloggers. Though I am not a good blogger to be part of it yet I have a blog in which I blog, so I really liked the idea of the bloggers conference. I may be the last blogger to respond. I am an active reader of all the post by our wonderful blogger esp. my fav.blogger Passang PasSu Tshering sir. I am still learning to blog and with every post I make and read I am learning a lot. Thank you madam Rekha for sharing that wonderful thought on e-Conference of Bloggers.

Why did you start blogging in the first place? And what is the story behind your blog title?
Blogging is all about writing. Writing is my passion and I just enjoy writing.  I started blogging to keep alive my passion and hobby. More over I was inspired by Sir PasSus diary which later made me to blog myself. I believe in forget all the rules and just write for yourself.
Country girl’s Diary is a very special name. I am a country girl and my words are very simple. It simply means a simple thought of a simple girl.

How long have you been blogging? Where are you based?
I was exposed to blogging since 2008 yet I wasn’t that sure to blog. In 2011 july I created myself a blog to pour in my feelings. Now I have been blogging for 2 years and 3 month.  I am a Researcher based at RDC Wengkhar, Eastern Bhutan.

 How do you schedule your blog post; Daily or weekly? Or as and when inspiration strikes?
I really wish to post weekly, since I frequently move out of my station for my work I hardly get time to post yet I make sure to visit and read every post by other bloggers.  So I post whenever I get time but I keep writing daily for my blog.

Does your family and friends know about your blog?
My sisters know but they are least interested. Some of my friends created blog after going through my blog and I remember creating blog for two of my friend. Sadly most of my friends are least interested in my blog.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Just my thought on this Rainy and Gloomy day

“If you ever want to love a person, never love in haste and doubt. It can hurt people. Love unconditionally so that you won’t regret. At the end how much you have loved matters the most.”

Every day many heart breaks and many get joined together. It happen all because of a word called love. Everyone is meant to be loved and everyone should deserve to be loved unconditionally. There is no harm in loving a person and neither its sin to love somebody; however what matter here is how true and completely you love the person. It is always good to be loved by someone whom you love too so that it won’t remain one sided.

“Some says when a man loves a woman usually it lasts forever” and “when a woman loves a man, it’s the best feeling in the world”… just imagine if its from both side than it would be the best feeling." Love" is  a word for which people can do anything. 

The boring and gloomy weather today makes me talk on this Word. Yeah! it is for Love we live. Love unconditionally  and prove how strong a love can be..... 

The popular Kids…. Then!

“Sometimes it’s better to bunk a class with your friends and enjoy with them, because today when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do”…… A.P.J Abdul  Kalam.

I remember escaping my classes and attending the local rituals at our village. It all happened when I was a kid and studying in Jyenkhana. Come June, then most of us would not be seen during our afternoon classes. The annual ritual in our community usually starts from June.  I and my group won’t be seen in most of the afternoon class. We would bunk and directly go to the place where ritual is taking place. Ritual then was like our afternoon classes, Must attend!! The best part of attending ritual is eating, drinking changkay,talking, singing and most of all the dancing after drinking changkay.  We never bothered about our attendance.

It was so much fun to escape the afternoon classes where most students fall asleep.  I could still vividly remember us eating our dinner on the way.  We never missed a chance to attend a ritual. Back then we were the most popular kids since we were day scholar.  The worst part of the day used is missing our evening prayer. Our warden was a very strict man. I still remember the cane stick and the way he call our name. Yeah! It is true that we have been arrested many times for bunking our classes and missing the evening prayer, yet as I look back now nothing can beat the laughter and fun moments we shared. We never bothered to study and when I look back now I wonder how we passed our examination. 
Now, it had almost been long gap without attending those rituals with my buddies.  Today when we meet and talk,we never missed a topic about this. Those moments are the best part of our life. I am happy that I have bunked many of my afternoon classes as today it makes me feel good and happy. 

Those were the days of the popular kids of Jyenkhana. I miss those Big Times!!!

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