Thursday, 5 September 2013

Just my thought on this Rainy and Gloomy day

“If you ever want to love a person, never love in haste and doubt. It can hurt people. Love unconditionally so that you won’t regret. At the end how much you have loved matters the most.”

Every day many heart breaks and many get joined together. It happen all because of a word called love. Everyone is meant to be loved and everyone should deserve to be loved unconditionally. There is no harm in loving a person and neither its sin to love somebody; however what matter here is how true and completely you love the person. It is always good to be loved by someone whom you love too so that it won’t remain one sided.

“Some says when a man loves a woman usually it lasts forever” and “when a woman loves a man, it’s the best feeling in the world”… just imagine if its from both side than it would be the best feeling." Love" is  a word for which people can do anything. 

The boring and gloomy weather today makes me talk on this Word. Yeah! it is for Love we live. Love unconditionally  and prove how strong a love can be..... 


  1. Nice to see you blogging and hope to see more of your writings. It is a pleasure to follow your blog, and add to my list the one more Bhutanese blogger.
    With regards
    Monu at

  2. Thank U .... for going through my post...