Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Flashback … as I rewind my 2014

I would have never loved 2014 if I didn’t fall in love with the year. The year has given me so much of everything. It had been a year of complete experiences and challenges. Today, the 31st of December, the New Year eve, it gives me utmost joy, happiness, sadness, and many beautiful memories to cherish. As I walk into the brand new year, there are many special moments to be cherished which I never want to erase out of my mind.
The first days of 2014 started with my festival Lomba. My last lomba celebration with my most loved uncle. Who would have ever thought that it would be my last Lomba with him, yes! For now I am contended as I didn’t miss to attend that day with my family. It was a bitter experience yet the demise taught me to be stronger and brave. For now I would say the year made me to be more accountable and stronger.
There had been the times where I completely fell in love with every bit of 2014. Those moments which I wish to freeze it forever. The immense support from my family for everything I did shall always be remembered. It had been the year discovering Bhutan. I had the chance to visit some of the newest place within the country. For some time I got to experience the life of a freelance tourist guides. It was a good chance to explore beauty of fresh spring of our country. At the end of the day, it was all about being responsible and being more accountable to my work. Yes! 2014 made me to fall in love with my profession.
Never for a moment had I ever thought that I would be in Europe. Spending my entire fall in the unceasing plains of Holland had been one of the best moments of 2014. Truly 2014 had been a great year to look back in many years to come. It was a complete mixture of happiness, excitement and sadness. I love 2014 and thank you for everything.
The end of 2014 was more like a reunion with my friends. Despite the busy month we took off times to enjoy ourselves and never for a moment I’ll regret 2014. After several ups and down finally I am here to bid farewell to 2014. Thank you for being warm and giving me loads of memories.

For the coming New Year, I have decided to walk in with the most inspiring quote, “everything happens for good" and “trust your talent and follow your heart”.  2015 the year of reading and hence I have decided to read as much as I can and write as much as I could. Keep writing and reading ……. Finally welcome 2015 and I wish myself and everyone a happy, exciting and prosperous new 2015!!!!