Monday, 29 September 2014

Autumn in My Heart

The touch of leaves falling over you, the feeling of chill breeze brushing against your cheeks, yeah! Finally the fall is here. Back home the Blessed Rainy Day is the indication of the last monsoon and the start of a new season. I was walking along the beach of Scheveningen here in the Hauge and watching the waves play with the sand. A group of granny playing on the beach distracted me and I was gazing them with a deep thought. They were living their youthful days. It just reminded me that age is just a numerical but inside, our heart never grows old.
I went into the sea to feel the waves but then the peace environment took me into a thought. A thought of my late uncle came ringing in my mind. Today was his 49th day and I still couldn’t believe that he is no longer with us.  I smiled through tears chewing over my days with my late uncle. The last autumn, I remember us together talking over a cup of tea. At the end it is just the memories that can live and will be valued forever.
Our life has seasons and with each season it brings joy, beauty, power and sadness. Birth and death are the two important seasons which can change the life of an individual. The autumn season has that image of sadness; leaves falling, chill breeze , bringing tears to our eyes. Never like before, this autumn is very different for me, my first fall without my uncle… it indeed is truly an Autumn in My Heart!!!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it- Hubert H.Humphery

As we walk through the journey of our life we encounter different people at different stages, and some become part of our life. Not everyone can fit into your circle and share your life. Friends are the person who never leaves you out, you are always included when you are with them or away from them… a friend is someone who is always there for you.

I was taught to value friendship and I still do that. I do have bunch of some beautiful and trust worthy friends surrounding me, yet some where I lost some of my friends. Time passes by, people changes and so do the friends.  Yeah! At times it hurts to see your friends turning away from you but that’s life. I do have encountered some fair weathered friends; yet, nothing within me has changed my feelings for them. I still value them as I have shared some beautiful memories with them. Today as I look around myself; I am contented and happy with my circle of friendship.

After your family, friends are only the people who can comfort you during your dark hours. They are the people before whom you never hesitate to speak your mind. It’s true that Life is incomplete without friends. One of the best feelings in the world is having a group of friends who knows you in and out and who loves you unconditionally; I am fortunate to have them and so are they.

Yes! I can proudly say that my friends are the ones who bring out the best in me…

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Greeting from Holland

Happy Blessed rainy day to every one !!!

Who do not love the autumn season? The beautiful clear sky, chill breeze, leaves on the ground ... Fall is awesome !!!

 I opened my eyes to see myself waking up in the beautiful plains of Holland.   The clear sky was just above me and everything around was so peacefull and beautiful. Coming from the Himalayas and finally being in the country below sea level, it was just a moment for me to cherish. A hustle and bustle  month after the demise of my uncle, finally I was traveling all alone for the first time.  I had mostly been dependent while traveling; everytime I travel I am with my friend's or family. Travelling alone is fun and it is a good chance to be more accountable.   During all these days I rediscovered myself all over again. It was amazing to see some new sides of me which I never knew before.

As I stepped out of the Schiphol International airport, I could smell the freshness of this beautiful place.  Before coming here I read a lot about the place in net  and more over my two besties are just back from this place and I was well informed about All Those beautiful places to look out for. The curiosity and excitement was doubled as I Reached my apartment in The Hauge. The Hauge is another place to look out for.  I always wanted to visit this part of the world and I am happy that I 'got a chance. The place is more like in the fairy tale. Everything is just too beautiful and peace. It never gave me a chance to miss my home.  I just love Holland.

 This will be my first Blessed rainy day away from home. I will definitely miss Those specialties of the day. I wish everyone back home a Happy and Exciting Blessed Rainy Day !!!

The Hauge

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