Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Losar Greeting from eastern Bhutan

Its Losar time!!! It’s a family time!!! Today, the eve of new Bhutanese year, some are completely engaged in preparation, some are travelling to make it home and some are planning for a good game tomorrow, somehow this year, I chose to spent my Losar alone in the company of my books. I always had a good memory of celebrating Losar with my family and the new Bhutanese year is one festival very close to my heart.

Holidays lined up, office looks empty and silent. I look around to see everyone in a holiday mood. I have already decided to spend the week-long vacation with my books. Indeed these holidays will turn out to be my reading week which I have always wanted. It would be unfair on my part if I say I don’t miss my family. Back home my families have already gathered for tomorrow and silently I miss everyone deeply and desperately.

Never the less, the coming week sounds to be a perfect mini vacation for everyone. I sincerely wish everyone a happy, prosperous and exciting DAW DANGPAI LOSAR!!! Happy Holidays :)

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