Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Unrevealed Crush

“zaii……… kay Namesey meay soft du…..” I thought. I closed my eyes to feel the voice of a stranger seated behind me. It was 9th April 2012. I was on my way from Chubu hot spring in Punakha. After around four hours of journey, finally I reached chuzom; the confluence. I caught a cab and sat inside. By then, I was fully exhausted like an old tire. The cab driver was looking for few more passengers. After an hour of waiting he got 2 passengers and now only one to look for. Dusk started to pull in and my heart was beating rapidly. We were about to leave when a young guy approached our cab……
The voice of that stranger was soft. He was tall. Every girl dreams to fall for a tall, dark, and handsome guy. It was 6:30 pm when we started our journey towards Haa. The silence in the cab was broken by the guy. It seems like he knows the driver well. They kept on talking and I humbly listened to them. I was lost in my fantasy world. I wanted to talk but I was nervous as hell. For the first time in my life I was nervous with a stranger. He seemed down to earth. The cab stooped and I was home. I found the journey very short. Thanks to you; my unrevealed crush.

I realized that it was my crush. The sad part of this story is that I forget to ask his name. That was the worst moment of my life. I never hid that from my friends; I called them and disclosed my heart. Days passed and finally I was back to Mongar. One fine afternoon, I opened my Facebook account and found my friend Tashi online. I told her his appearance and after an hour of our hot chat, she found who he was…hahhaha… He works at Haa. Now it gave me so much ease as I got many buddies working at Haa. I checked my online list and found one of my friends online. I asked her about the guy. Everything was indirectly said to her. She was frank enough to share everything about that guy. She told me they are good friends and that made me more relaxed. I was about to tell her the truth, but there came a chat msg which reads “he is married and his wife stays at Thimphu, tell your friend not to fall for him, but you can check him…….” Married??... I was surprised. For a moment my heart stopped beating; a minor heart attack occurred (lol). Her words made me feel terrible. Then and there I decided to give him up. Yet I added him to my friend list and now we are online friends. I do not regret for liking that guy. It was like a beautiful dream and I will always cherish that beautiful few hours moment forever. At the end of the journey he remained  just as my Unrevealed Crush.

Just a Crush..... :p

Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Happiness Day…  

Ummm….. What is left there to celebrate this day? That was the first thought that beeped in my mind when I heard that 20th march is declared as the International Happiness Day. But somewhere I heard myself answering that question…. “Happiness is always knocking on your door, you just got to let it in…Happiness had always been there with you, and your happiness is my happiness...”  Indeed it should be celebrated with all your heart.

For the first time our country joined rest of the world to mark the International Happiness Day. The 20th March was declared as holiday throughout the country. The excitement to celebrate the day was just overwhelming. The eve of happiness day was celebrated with some reflection over the years. I joined my best buddy Sonam Tshomo to celebrate the eve. It had been memorable eve.
The morning of the happiness day…; I called my family just to remind myself that how happy and blessed I am to have them. They are my true happiness. The rest of the day was celebrated at Sasaki sans residence with some yummy Japanese cuisine. It was so much fun being with my friends. Thank you Sasaki san for the warm and delicious lunch. I truly enjoyed the day.
Our Happiness day lunch
Happiness for me comes with my family, friends and all my loved ones. As I reflect back now, I see myself surrounded by happiness. Happiness is all about sharing your love, being in love and loving others.  I acknowledge all my loved ones for showering me with so much happiness!!!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fate defeats everything……..

Every girl dreams of being an independent and successful. She wants the best thing in her life. She wants to be wooed by the most perfect man. She can wait her life to meet that guy. In search of a perfect match she awaits her life. However; the search never ends and when her result came it was unbelievable. A girl can waste some of the most critical period in search of her partner. It’s an imaginary story about a girl who waits for her Mr. Right and the fate favored her at last with a Man double her age. “Thank you Tashi khandom Choden” for your idea.
A young, intelligent and beautiful Dechen is the face of her school. Being all-rounder she is loved by all the family of her school. A simple village girl who always topped her classes ever since her schooling never had a time for a guy. “I never believe love in school, I will just wait for my fate….that’s it”, she said to her friends. Many guy had fallen for her, despondently her response was always a big NO! Time flowed and Dechen completed her Graduation. By then she was 22 years old.
It was during that time of her orientation when she had an eye for a guy. Mr. XDendup was there at the Graduate Orientation Programme for some official work. The very first sight of him caught her innocent and pure heart. Through some informal introduction they came to know each other. Within a week they came close and exchanged the number. Who would have ever thought that she would choose a guy who is double her age rather than thousand guys of her age? XDendrup was widow with two kids. That situation of him never bothered her. They started seeing each other. Everyone was amazed by her change of behavior.
A fate is fate. No one can change it. XDendup lost his wife a year ago. It was his fate to meet Dechen and he was ready to fall in love with a girl of his sons’ age. Friends and her family disapproved their relation, still then she was not ready to give up. She made her mind to spend her life with him. It was her first experience and yeah! She was true to the first man of her life. After those entire emotional struggles she decided and made her mind to live rest of her life with a widower.
Dechen Choden; the college’s best student and everyone’s favorite landed up as a house wife of a widower with two kids. Who could have ever imagined her future in such condition? Its life and fate decide our future. Acceptance is the best solution. Be ready to fall in love with any sort of person. Love is BLIND!!!  

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