Thursday, 12 July 2012

“An earnest Gratitude” on her Centenary Celebration …….

You have come a long way. You were 94th years old when I left. After 7 years, finally you are going to celebrate your 100th year; Centenary Celebration in 2013. It gives me utmost joy; happiness and excitement to pay my sincere and clean gratitude. It was my luck to be with you for six years. I feel very proud to be your generation. Thank you UDHSS.
Those were the days when I was with you and had the best time. It was a fine morning in early March of the year 2002 when I first met you, although I have seen you before. I was then a 13 year old girl. The first sight of you captured my innocent heart. You welcomed me with an open heart. Thank you UDHSS.
As I look back now, I could vividly remember that time with you. You gave me the world’s best friend; friends who are very rare on this planet. I have learnt to laugh, cry, love, play, etc… with the wonderful people you have given. I still remember your beautiful and plain campus where I have created loads of memories and where I have grown up. You are the one who taught me to be an honest and sincere person. You showed me how to tackle problems and handle them. I have learnt a lot from you. Still today I am just your reflection and I always wanted to keep your name high. Thank you UDHSS.
Today your words are my strength and I am truly privileged to encounter you in my journey of life. I know how much you have supported and guided me. You taught me to take responsibility which actually was one key lesson that I have learnt from you. You changed me into a human. Thank you UDHSS.
Today as you mark your centenary, I am very happy and overjoyed. By now you have 100th of generations. Though you are aged, but still your heart is juvenile and people will continue to be with you. You are a part of my life and my attachment with you is parallel to my beloved parents. Thank you for letting me to share a small space in your family. I am blessed to have a huge family. You are my home and will remain forever…. So, today is your day and I pray for all the success and may your light touch all the individual. With due respect and an open heart¸”Thank you for everything”. I will love you and keep seeing you. Congratulations for your 100th year. Happy and wonderful centenary celebration. Thank you with all my heart.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Queenza's: My fFour sSpecial friend:)))

 Lovely times of our past will never return, but the lovely relationship and memories are there to stay forever. So they say. Life moves on w...

In The Memory of My Beloved pet N...

He was born to a lovely mom. When he was a month old his mom left him forever. At a very juvenile age he joined our family and became everyone’s favorite. My father named him Norbu. His early days were always inside four walls. He was fed with cow’s milk. Slowly he started growing and I started loving him more. Unlike other, he was really cute and sweet. A glimpse of his smile would make your day.
From his early days he had always been a punctual pet and he got all the characteristics of an ideal pet. He was never alone. He was playful and I spent most of my leisure time playing with him. Though he was an orphan, yet he received all the love and care from his elder brother. It is said and believed that the two male cats cannot get along, but it’s untrue. His brother nursed him like a mom and I am touched by their affection.
Day’s flowed and Norbu started maturing. After a year he grew into an active and handsome cat. He was adored by all. He was sincere and always did his duty on time. He will be never late for his meals and neither goes out during night. He will be near the warm bhukhari murmuring. I could imagine how much he misses his mom. Whenever I go home for a vacation the first thing I do is call his name. He is very dear to me. He has now become my best friend.
Few days ago I had a call from my sister informing me the demise of my pet. I was disheartened by that bad news. I was helpless. I never thought that it will happen that early. I hate myself for not seeing the last glimpse of my beloved pet. Now the only alternative left behind is to cherish the memories and I will always pray for his soul to rest in peace. Nevertheless my heart still says that I need you and love you more than ever.