Monday, 24 March 2014

ZZZz... Zhemgang

Ascending the lonely road of Wangdigang, I could feel the warmth and smell the land of Khengpas. It was my first time travelling beyond Trongsa. Despite waking up and eating at an odd hour, I always enjoyed travelling and experiencing new adventurous. My affinity for travelling goes back to the day when I first stepped the land of eastern Bhutan. In the recent year travelling has become my biggest passion and hobby. Truly I am captivated by the beautiful places within our country.

Zhemgang, a place located in the heart of Bhutan, is a place that I always wanted to see. I never had a thought of being in this place even for a while. When an idea about an official program in Zhemgang was raised, I volunteered to do the task. I have seen the place in a popular BBS programme; Nazhoen Express.

It is a beautiful and a silent place. Its moderate weather can make any one fall in love with it. I just visited Trong and as expected it was a lively village. Lots of my old mates have groomed themselves from the high school in this place. Back then I wondered how the place would look like. After being here, I just felt that it was nothing different from other places in Bhutan. Its affable and amiable nature has captured my heart within the short three hours I have spent there.

Best of all, meeting my friend after a yearlong chit-chat had been a true memory. We talk on phone and chat, but we never met in person. I am glad that my trip to Zhemgang has made us meet in real. Thank you, Sherab Denka, for your benevolent hospitability which shall be remembered always.

Z , the last alphabet stands for Zhemgang. Finally I have been to all the Dzongkhag and there isn’t a better way to end my trip with Zhemgang. I feel completely happy and contented. At the end of the journey all I could say is my work helps me in discovering places and people. I would definitely love to visit the place once again with my friends.

Posing with my Friend Sherab Denka...:)

Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Response to The Liebster Award

I never had a thought of being nominated for this award. Well , I am flattered and thank you Jigme ( for the nomination. I wasn’t really sure about what actually a liebster award is, yet after going through some posts by the bloggers I found it exciting and interesting. Here are my thoughts to those questions:

 Anything funny related to your blog?
There is nothing such as funny in it. My blog is a package of funny moments, awkward experiences and my inner thought. It is a place where I pour out my feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Would you like living forever? Why?
I always wish to live forever, though it’s impossible. Living a life eternity with all your loved ones surrounding you will be a true moment. A thought of dying kills me. I am too scared of death and losing people I love. Nothing lasts forever, so I have to accept the fact and live in the real world with a thought that everything here is just for a time being.

Note few descriptions about you by others that you don’t believe in and why?
My outer world sees me as a quiet person, which is completely a wrong concept. I am a total chatty and I can talk all the nonsense for hours and hours. Most people think I am a sincere and active, only few knows how lazy I am. Those misconceptions are all because of me being a drama queen. Other than those two, they aren't any misreading. I am a friendly and an exciting person. I enjoy doing all those crazy things.

We say “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Do you really believe in giving only second priority to external presentation?
There is a hidden talent in every individual. We should never read it by their physical appearance.  I totally agree on giving second priority to external presentation.  We should never underestimate any person with their external presentation. It is like Beauty is skin deep; all those beautiful people don’t have beautiful heart. The ugliest people in the world will have the most beautiful heart.

What is so special about you?
I guess being myself and being real me is so special. I never pretend to be somebody. More over am blessed with a natural understanding. My friends say encountering me in their life is a blessing, so I think I am so special both to me and people around me.

What would you like to give the world?
There is nothing so special I can give the world. But every day I would give my smile to everyone with a true heart. Smile and the world will smile with you.

What is Love?
When someone breaks your heart and still you like them with all your broken heart; accepting a person after knowing his/her real color is Love.

My Nomination for the award and I would love them to answer those questions below:

What made you to blog?
Three things that you will never do in your entire life?
What is the best part of being you?
One place on the earth where you would love to go, with whom and why?
One person who inspires you?

Just a Thought....

Behind every girl, there is a strong big brother supporting her all the way….  A  friend of mine posted as her Facebook status. Wish if it is true for all…

I was born in a family surrounded by sisters. My early day’s revolved around my sisters. Both to my left and right, all I could feel and see were my sisters. I was never given a chance to feel and share that bond of a Brother- Sister. Sometime, a thought of not having my own brother makes me sick at heart. Having a brother is like having your own super hero by your side. I have always looked upon a brother as a caring and understanding personality.

Having a sister is completely different. She is a wholesome of a mother figure and a friend. She can shower you with immense love. Most of My friends are blessed with supportive and caring brother. I have seen them sharing a great bond. Last winter I spent some time with my friend Karma and her brothers’ family. I was just amazed to see the bonding. She is truly blessed with a great brother, which at times make me feel jealous… LoL.

A fate favored me with a god brother during my high school days. He was my sisters’ best friend. I and my two besties became his sister and we shared a great bonding … Not everyone is fortunate to have both the packages. It would be a dream and blessing to have both. My sisters have never let me feel the absence of having a brother, yet deep down…. Having a big brother and calling him “acho/aue” had always been my dream.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Ruminating over one Crazy and scary moment back then…..

Spring was already in Punakha. Evening walk and weekend dinner was popular with us.  A close friend of ours (esp.Sonam & Mine), Tshering Dorji, we fondly call him “Gentle” had been hospitalized due to tuberculosis (TB). Every Saturday evening, we usually take our time off and go out for a dinner. That very day two of us had decided to visit our friend and then join our other three girls for the dinner. We prepared some dishes for our friend, bought some juice and snacks and then left Punakha.  He had been hospitalized at Punakha general hospital since a week ago. We greeted our friend and spent almost an hour there. Dusk has already started to spread over Punakha valley by the time we decided to leave. We waited for almost 15 min and couldn’t find a single empty cab passing by. Huh!!! What a bad Luck…a speeding car stopped in front of us. We got lift. I still remember us jumping into the car with an enemorous smile. Back at Mitsena our three friends had already reached the place to dine. We could not make them wait anymore. There were two guys in the car; a Bhutanese guy who was driving and an Indian guy with mustache was sitted in the front seat.
During that time “Khegpas” had been the talk of the town. Inside the cab, it was deep silence. The driver received a call. ‘We got what we wanted. There are two….we are about to reach the hotel... Don’t worry I will take care of it”.. He responded the call. The way he responded the call made us boggle our mind and more over the Indian guy with mustache made us more perplexed. In the back seat two of us stared at each other and without speaking a word we knew what we were thinking. I looked at the back of the car and saw a rope. That made me very sure about those two guys. For the first time ever in our life we felt we made the greatest mistake by taking the lift. Both of our hands were on our cell phone.
It was just 5km journey and yet we found it too long. As we approached near Khuru town, we said the driver to stop the car and we got out immediately. Without a word we rushed inside a shop. We forgot to thank them for the lift. We relaxed for few min inside the shop, stared at each other’s face and then our mouth opened after almost 15 min rest. We talked about what would have really happened if those two were real khegpas. Luckily we weren’t kidnapped but those two guys really scared us to death.

Our three friends had been waiting for us since an hour ago. As we reached there, we rushed to voice out our scary experience within last one hour. They laughed. Indeed they just thought that it was a cock and bull story made by us, though it wasn’t. We still don’t know whether those two guys were Khegpas or not... but they made our one hour so scary and today chewing over that makes it more memorable. Thanks to those two for giving us the lift.