Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Response to The Liebster Award

I never had a thought of being nominated for this award. Well , I am flattered and thank you Jigme ( for the nomination. I wasn’t really sure about what actually a liebster award is, yet after going through some posts by the bloggers I found it exciting and interesting. Here are my thoughts to those questions:

 Anything funny related to your blog?
There is nothing such as funny in it. My blog is a package of funny moments, awkward experiences and my inner thought. It is a place where I pour out my feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Would you like living forever? Why?
I always wish to live forever, though it’s impossible. Living a life eternity with all your loved ones surrounding you will be a true moment. A thought of dying kills me. I am too scared of death and losing people I love. Nothing lasts forever, so I have to accept the fact and live in the real world with a thought that everything here is just for a time being.

Note few descriptions about you by others that you don’t believe in and why?
My outer world sees me as a quiet person, which is completely a wrong concept. I am a total chatty and I can talk all the nonsense for hours and hours. Most people think I am a sincere and active, only few knows how lazy I am. Those misconceptions are all because of me being a drama queen. Other than those two, they aren't any misreading. I am a friendly and an exciting person. I enjoy doing all those crazy things.

We say “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Do you really believe in giving only second priority to external presentation?
There is a hidden talent in every individual. We should never read it by their physical appearance.  I totally agree on giving second priority to external presentation.  We should never underestimate any person with their external presentation. It is like Beauty is skin deep; all those beautiful people don’t have beautiful heart. The ugliest people in the world will have the most beautiful heart.

What is so special about you?
I guess being myself and being real me is so special. I never pretend to be somebody. More over am blessed with a natural understanding. My friends say encountering me in their life is a blessing, so I think I am so special both to me and people around me.

What would you like to give the world?
There is nothing so special I can give the world. But every day I would give my smile to everyone with a true heart. Smile and the world will smile with you.

What is Love?
When someone breaks your heart and still you like them with all your broken heart; accepting a person after knowing his/her real color is Love.

My Nomination for the award and I would love them to answer those questions below:

What made you to blog?
Three things that you will never do in your entire life?
What is the best part of being you?
One place on the earth where you would love to go, with whom and why?
One person who inspires you?

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  1. Thank you Passa! Nice reading your answers and I will come back soon with answers for your questions.