Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Unknown Birth Date Gets Revealed

Ever since my schooling days I have  been marking 11th April as my birthday and still it is my official birthday. Lately I realized that it wasn’t my day.

Few days to go and welcome the Brand New Year 2014 and to celebrate my very own Lomba, I was cleaning around my room when suddenly my eyes were fixed on an old torn card. I gazed very carefully. Without a mistake my clear vision could make it out that it was jotted as 5th March 1989, time: 2pm. It was an old health card. A thought just kept ringing in my head “that could be my health card”. Just then my Father appeared, I asked him with curiosity and his response made me smile with tears. Indeed knowing my real birthday was the best gift I could have ever asked for the New Year.

I was born on 5th March 1989, Sunday 2pm corresponding with the 28th day of 1st Bhutanese Month, Female earth Snake year. In the race for my school admission my dad misplaced my health card and until today I had been suspiciously marking 11th April as my day.

It had been so long without a proper celebration. I always had a thought of celebrating it grand at least once. I really wished to do it this year unfortunately it won’t happen for some reason. Yet knowing the real date has given me so much peace and happiness. Before I move on to celebrate my silver jubilee on that fake date, Just then God revealed my real birthday!! Thank You!!!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Sonam T Tshomo

The day which I usually say “Short Winter day” seemed so lengthy, the meal which I never escaped “Lunch” was sacrificed and a humble listener to everyone’s talk has finally turned “Deaf”… I wasn't me at all. I was feeling drained and lost after such a long time. Just then I realized that boredom arrested me .I can’t imagine a day without a friend.

It was just yesterday that I bided farewell to my friend and yet today I felt it had been ages without seeing her. “Life is worthless and imperfect without friends”, someone rightly said. The whole day I was missing my friends. Somewhere along the journey of my life I encountered this friend who stood out to be my coolest buddy. A friend who never got bothered with my childlike act and talk, a friend who woke up at an odd hours to cook my favorite noodle, a friend to whom I never hesitate to speak out what I felt. Today she is out of my sight and I feel so empty and silent. Looking back I feel completely blessed to have her as my friend. Being with her never made me to worry about anything else; she had been there during all my thick and thin. In her I found a true friend. I pronounce her as the world’s calmest and coolest girl.

I just wonder how I am going to spend my next two winter months.  It is true that I already started missing her, yet I am here to remind you that don’t stay too long so that I get used to being without a friend. Have a wonderful trip and Miss me sometime!!!