Friday, 17 January 2014

Sonam T Tshomo

The day which I usually say “Short Winter day” seemed so lengthy, the meal which I never escaped “Lunch” was sacrificed and a humble listener to everyone’s talk has finally turned “Deaf”… I wasn't me at all. I was feeling drained and lost after such a long time. Just then I realized that boredom arrested me .I can’t imagine a day without a friend.

It was just yesterday that I bided farewell to my friend and yet today I felt it had been ages without seeing her. “Life is worthless and imperfect without friends”, someone rightly said. The whole day I was missing my friends. Somewhere along the journey of my life I encountered this friend who stood out to be my coolest buddy. A friend who never got bothered with my childlike act and talk, a friend who woke up at an odd hours to cook my favorite noodle, a friend to whom I never hesitate to speak out what I felt. Today she is out of my sight and I feel so empty and silent. Looking back I feel completely blessed to have her as my friend. Being with her never made me to worry about anything else; she had been there during all my thick and thin. In her I found a true friend. I pronounce her as the world’s calmest and coolest girl.

I just wonder how I am going to spend my next two winter months.  It is true that I already started missing her, yet I am here to remind you that don’t stay too long so that I get used to being without a friend. Have a wonderful trip and Miss me sometime!!!


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  2. Hmmmm...... wat to say??? I'm speechless, I didn't thought that there would be some1, feeling emptiness when I'm gone. I am feeling great and I'm on top of the world....... Thank you so much for missing me and i too miss you a lots. Life with you all is far better than anywhere else and i am a lucky gal to have u as my friend, love u alyz, missing u...... :) (y) ;) :)