Friday, 8 August 2014

Friendship Day Special

The first Sunday of August is considered as a Friendship Day and this year it was on 3rd August. Many beautiful quotes flowed on social websites like Facebook , Wechat and Twitter. I started receiving amazing text in my cell phone. The world celebrated the day with beautiful words for their friend and I didn't stay away anymore. I joined the people in wishing all my friends a Happy friendship Day. There is no better way to start my first post of August with this piece. I sincerely dedicate this piece to one of my friend.

Who says opposite gender can’t make a good friend. Actually that was my notion during my schooling days. A decade ago, back in Haa I first met my friend. Who would dare to talk with him; he was then the most serious guy we have ever seen.  We weren't really a friend during our schooling days. I was too scared of him and I always made myself to stay away from him. I hate encountering him on my way. We could hardly see him with a smiling face; it’s true he hardly wear a smile. I was nearly whacked when my group had a laugh over an incident. That moment was really a frightening one. I never thought he was meant to be a good friend.

Its  true that we can’t go with the external expression; he hardly wears a smile and people take it another way. Once you get to know him, I must say he is completely down to earth and he got the good friend material. The best part of this buddy is his straight forwardness; he never fear calling spade a spade. He is a person who never pretends to be somebody else. What we see in him is the real he. His harsh temper at time can be dangerous but deep inside he is pure.  He is a chatty and a caring friend. Today I know him well and we are good friends. I feel contended to have such a friend before whom I can openly share anything. Thank you my friend for letting me erase my that weird notion and for now I can’t ask for a better friend than you. To all my other friends; Thank you for always being with me .Long live our friendship. Happy Friendship Day!!!


  1. Great that you found a good friend in him. May your friendship gets stretched to eternity. God bless you both!

  2. We cannot judge the book by its cover. Inside, it would be different. Your friend is no different. What looked terror synced well with you. Continue your friendship. Nice post.

  3. who he he? no name? Friend without name? Are you kidding me? haha..

  4. Did you just write about someone or me? :P

    1. hahha.... I worte about my friend Jigme Namgyel :p