Thursday, 22 January 2015

The weeping Brother

Welcome 2015!! It took me almost a month to come up with my first post.

 “Was it him that never wanted to see his dying siblings, or was it his heart that never had the courage to bid them farewell or was it the influence of other that made him to stay away from all his siblings”… he was a brother who never had the chance to face his sibling at all their good and bad times. Blood is thicker than the water, a universal saying which sometime proved wrong!!!
In the recent time, I came across a person who lived the life of a lonesome despite having numerous siblings. A brother to six other siblings, he was the third eldest among them. Those were the days when they ate over a pot of rice and played in the same ground. Life isn't that easy to lead. Every new day takes its turn and land up with something new. More than three decades ago he became completely isolated from his own siblings. What is the use of living when you don’t have time to share you moments with the people you love??... But he had no choice.
The last time his two siblings were sick, he couldn't make it to visit them. On their dying bed, they called his name. They called to their brother who never turned up. They waited for him, trying hard to breath, in every breath they breathed, they called his name. Everyone waited for him, for he never came. They passed away with his name on their lips, tear in their eyes and pain in their heart. After spending your entire childhood together and sharing the love of same parents, how could one stay away?. I personally couldn't think of such situation.  Imagining such situation hurts and gives so much pain. We never know the reason why the weeping brother never turned up. There must be a good reason for it. May be he had no courage to bid them goodbye; a good bye which can’t be said with the word “see you again”.
Life is not always a fairy tale. Only few are fortunate to experience the fairy tale story. The brother hasn't met his siblings for so long and before he could express his emotion and reasons, they left him forever. I just wonder how he would be feeling inside, crying inside and killing himself with regrets. Life has given him a chance but he missed it. He turned out to be the brother who has missed the meaning of having siblings and valuing the worth of the so-called relationship. Yes! The weeping brother must be feeling low but he has no alternatives now…