Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Who is he.....????

I looked around and saw somebody greeting me with a meek smile from a distance. I sit there gazing at the unknown stranger sitting still. A thin fog appeared in- between, dimming the view of the stranger. Everything became vague and found myself lost in the thick smog.
I was breathing hard among the thick smoke, and all I wanted was to get out of there. The feel of cold water under my feet helped me to find the way. The small spring made its way in-front of me. After an hour of struggle I was out of that area, yet my eyes were still fixed on that place. The smile and the fuzzy figure of the guy still remained vivid in my mind. Who could be he? The way he smiled captured my heart. A smile can melt someone’s heart, true! Be it a fake smile or a smile from the heart. I never had a thought what his smile was up to. All in all, I was mesmerized by that meek smile, which made me and my day smile.
My day went with that thought of the smile, possibly a guy in black gho. Many thoughts and questions came up buzzing in my head. The perplexed moment over took my emotion for a while. I went back to my vivid thought of that smile and carefully forwarded each moves, who could be he? His smile says he knows me. Does he really know me or is he a stranger. Could he be one of my close friends? Or somebody I know from my younger days? Everything was just a big question mark…

The incessant beeping of my cell phone woke me from an afternoon catnap. It was an episode of my afternoon dream which boggled my mind. Whoever the person is, his smile seriously captured my innocent heart. Despite being an episode of a dream, I immensely fell in love with the smile and the person. For now I am looking forward to the next episode of my life.