Thursday, 13 March 2014

Just a Thought....

Behind every girl, there is a strong big brother supporting her all the way….  A  friend of mine posted as her Facebook status. Wish if it is true for all…

I was born in a family surrounded by sisters. My early day’s revolved around my sisters. Both to my left and right, all I could feel and see were my sisters. I was never given a chance to feel and share that bond of a Brother- Sister. Sometime, a thought of not having my own brother makes me sick at heart. Having a brother is like having your own super hero by your side. I have always looked upon a brother as a caring and understanding personality.

Having a sister is completely different. She is a wholesome of a mother figure and a friend. She can shower you with immense love. Most of My friends are blessed with supportive and caring brother. I have seen them sharing a great bond. Last winter I spent some time with my friend Karma and her brothers’ family. I was just amazed to see the bonding. She is truly blessed with a great brother, which at times make me feel jealous… LoL.

A fate favored me with a god brother during my high school days. He was my sisters’ best friend. I and my two besties became his sister and we shared a great bonding … Not everyone is fortunate to have both the packages. It would be a dream and blessing to have both. My sisters have never let me feel the absence of having a brother, yet deep down…. Having a big brother and calling him “acho/aue” had always been my dream.

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  1. I believe that it is merely the gender difference that makes so-called brothers and sisters. There are stories where a mother took over the role of a father, brother and sister in a family.
    I am glad you have sisters who can assure you the brotherly support.