Monday, 24 March 2014

ZZZz... Zhemgang

Ascending the lonely road of Wangdigang, I could feel the warmth and smell the land of Khengpas. It was my first time travelling beyond Trongsa. Despite waking up and eating at an odd hour, I always enjoyed travelling and experiencing new adventurous. My affinity for travelling goes back to the day when I first stepped the land of eastern Bhutan. In the recent year travelling has become my biggest passion and hobby. Truly I am captivated by the beautiful places within our country.

Zhemgang, a place located in the heart of Bhutan, is a place that I always wanted to see. I never had a thought of being in this place even for a while. When an idea about an official program in Zhemgang was raised, I volunteered to do the task. I have seen the place in a popular BBS programme; Nazhoen Express.

It is a beautiful and a silent place. Its moderate weather can make any one fall in love with it. I just visited Trong and as expected it was a lively village. Lots of my old mates have groomed themselves from the high school in this place. Back then I wondered how the place would look like. After being here, I just felt that it was nothing different from other places in Bhutan. Its affable and amiable nature has captured my heart within the short three hours I have spent there.

Best of all, meeting my friend after a yearlong chit-chat had been a true memory. We talk on phone and chat, but we never met in person. I am glad that my trip to Zhemgang has made us meet in real. Thank you, Sherab Denka, for your benevolent hospitability which shall be remembered always.

Z , the last alphabet stands for Zhemgang. Finally I have been to all the Dzongkhag and there isn’t a better way to end my trip with Zhemgang. I feel completely happy and contented. At the end of the journey all I could say is my work helps me in discovering places and people. I would definitely love to visit the place once again with my friends.

Posing with my Friend Sherab Denka...:)

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  1. A beautiful post, loved it much. It's good to know that you were with Sherab, she is my colleague. Have a good time and keep blogging!