Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Happiness Day…  

Ummm….. What is left there to celebrate this day? That was the first thought that beeped in my mind when I heard that 20th march is declared as the International Happiness Day. But somewhere I heard myself answering that question…. “Happiness is always knocking on your door, you just got to let it in…Happiness had always been there with you, and your happiness is my happiness...”  Indeed it should be celebrated with all your heart.

For the first time our country joined rest of the world to mark the International Happiness Day. The 20th March was declared as holiday throughout the country. The excitement to celebrate the day was just overwhelming. The eve of happiness day was celebrated with some reflection over the years. I joined my best buddy Sonam Tshomo to celebrate the eve. It had been memorable eve.
The morning of the happiness day…; I called my family just to remind myself that how happy and blessed I am to have them. They are my true happiness. The rest of the day was celebrated at Sasaki sans residence with some yummy Japanese cuisine. It was so much fun being with my friends. Thank you Sasaki san for the warm and delicious lunch. I truly enjoyed the day.
Our Happiness day lunch
Happiness for me comes with my family, friends and all my loved ones. As I reflect back now, I see myself surrounded by happiness. Happiness is all about sharing your love, being in love and loving others.  I acknowledge all my loved ones for showering me with so much happiness!!!


  1. Be happy dea!! Nice one that you are happy !!

  2. that day i had my college farewell and it remind me of end of college life... aha gonna miss my college days shu baray......