Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Unrevealed Crush

“zaii……… kay Namesey meay soft du…..” I thought. I closed my eyes to feel the voice of a stranger seated behind me. It was 9th April 2012. I was on my way from Chubu hot spring in Punakha. After around four hours of journey, finally I reached chuzom; the confluence. I caught a cab and sat inside. By then, I was fully exhausted like an old tire. The cab driver was looking for few more passengers. After an hour of waiting he got 2 passengers and now only one to look for. Dusk started to pull in and my heart was beating rapidly. We were about to leave when a young guy approached our cab……
The voice of that stranger was soft. He was tall. Every girl dreams to fall for a tall, dark, and handsome guy. It was 6:30 pm when we started our journey towards Haa. The silence in the cab was broken by the guy. It seems like he knows the driver well. They kept on talking and I humbly listened to them. I was lost in my fantasy world. I wanted to talk but I was nervous as hell. For the first time in my life I was nervous with a stranger. He seemed down to earth. The cab stooped and I was home. I found the journey very short. Thanks to you; my unrevealed crush.

I realized that it was my crush. The sad part of this story is that I forget to ask his name. That was the worst moment of my life. I never hid that from my friends; I called them and disclosed my heart. Days passed and finally I was back to Mongar. One fine afternoon, I opened my Facebook account and found my friend Tashi online. I told her his appearance and after an hour of our hot chat, she found who he was…hahhaha… He works at Haa. Now it gave me so much ease as I got many buddies working at Haa. I checked my online list and found one of my friends online. I asked her about the guy. Everything was indirectly said to her. She was frank enough to share everything about that guy. She told me they are good friends and that made me more relaxed. I was about to tell her the truth, but there came a chat msg which reads “he is married and his wife stays at Thimphu, tell your friend not to fall for him, but you can check him…….” Married??... I was surprised. For a moment my heart stopped beating; a minor heart attack occurred (lol). Her words made me feel terrible. Then and there I decided to give him up. Yet I added him to my friend list and now we are online friends. I do not regret for liking that guy. It was like a beautiful dream and I will always cherish that beautiful few hours moment forever. At the end of the journey he remained  just as my Unrevealed Crush.

Just a Crush..... :p


  1. Nice and sweet...:)
    Now that you know all these and that you two are online friends, you should reveal and confess your secret i guess; but that should not mean you are still cling-ed to olden of luck..:)

  2. ahem ahem.... du mosh many unrevealed stories!! nice one!!

  3. Thank u both!!! ...... better to keep it as unreveled meana!!!