Monday, 29 September 2014

Autumn in My Heart

The touch of leaves falling over you, the feeling of chill breeze brushing against your cheeks, yeah! Finally the fall is here. Back home the Blessed Rainy Day is the indication of the last monsoon and the start of a new season. I was walking along the beach of Scheveningen here in the Hauge and watching the waves play with the sand. A group of granny playing on the beach distracted me and I was gazing them with a deep thought. They were living their youthful days. It just reminded me that age is just a numerical but inside, our heart never grows old.
I went into the sea to feel the waves but then the peace environment took me into a thought. A thought of my late uncle came ringing in my mind. Today was his 49th day and I still couldn’t believe that he is no longer with us.  I smiled through tears chewing over my days with my late uncle. The last autumn, I remember us together talking over a cup of tea. At the end it is just the memories that can live and will be valued forever.
Our life has seasons and with each season it brings joy, beauty, power and sadness. Birth and death are the two important seasons which can change the life of an individual. The autumn season has that image of sadness; leaves falling, chill breeze , bringing tears to our eyes. Never like before, this autumn is very different for me, my first fall without my uncle… it indeed is truly an Autumn in My Heart!!!!


  1. nice one dear... u really write well ya.... RIP for uncle

  2. nicely summed up..... if there is birth definitely there will be death... all these things are played by god like their game... who will go first and who will come later we cant say becoz deal is based on god's lotary(lucky draw). anyway enjoyed ur parody..