Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The most awkward Night

We were watching a movie in our school auditorium. It was late night and we were keenly dissolved in that film. I was accompanied by my friend Khandom Tashi and Chechey Pelmo. “Kuenza…kuenza……Passa…..chechey….Someone called us in his highest peak. We gazed around and could not see any one. The hall was filled with student. We did not give a damn and were lost in that movie. The same voice was heard and there in front of us appeared My Dad with a cane stick. We stared at the wall clock and it was 11:30pm.
Oh My God!! Apa was very annoyed. I could still vividly remember his face and the voice. In front of all our mates he smacked us like anything.” You kids are always late, don’t you have a home, why are you always here”…he shouted at his highest pitch in his Sha accent. We jumped from our bench and ran like cheetah. He was chasing us with that long cane stick. There is a stream between our home and school. Usually it is just a five minute walk from our school to home, that night we took nearly 20 minutes; we were hiding behind the rocks in that scary night. I should say it was like a hide and seek game with Apa.
 Apa Jamyang was mad with our manners and later he caught us and we were punished. From that night he never allowed us out after 6 pm. Being spanked in front of all our buddies made us feel uneasy. It was really embarrassing. The next day was like a night mare. We refused to go but he was against our action. I still remember the next day; we were hiding from our friends. Every one asked about what Dad did after reaching home. We never responded yet we stayed silent.
For me the most awkward moment as a young and innocent kid was when I and my two pals were whacked in front of all our friends. I still remember that awkward night at Jyenkhana Pry. School.  We thank him for being strict. As of now you are the most understanding dad one could have. We just love you for giving us that moment.


  1. Good one.....Change your topic to "A country girl's diary"

  2. thanks sir....why so?....that doesnot luk catchy meana....

  3. interesting one quenza... i rele had grt tym reading all ur ws one of the most interesting one....

  4. Thank you kencho..... those were the days n still miss the moment!!!!