Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Just a Thought on being "Ama"......

Life moves on with some beautiful changes in one’s life. The evening of 29th November 2011, I formally and legally became ama to the very adoring Jatsho P Wangyel. It was a new alteration and experience in my life. That was my most special moment. I jumped with joy to celebrate the birth of Jatsho. He came to our family after 21 years.
I had always been fond of kids and I am sure Jatsho will love me more. The feeling of being an Ama is just like being a mom. I had been a frank Amchu to my older nephew Wangchu, loving and playful Ama to darling Tashi seldom and I am looking forward to become a great Ama to  Jatsho. My nephews and nieces had always been friendly and fond of me more than anyone else. I hope one day I make a proud and great aunt to all of them. The experience of being an aunt itself is just awesome. I feel like I am a mom now.
"Only an Aunt... can give hugs like a mother, can keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend." Of all the relation being an aunt is very accountable and loving relation. I love being called Ama, Amchu and Aunty….after all it’s the feeling of being mom. I love all of them fairly and truly, yet for now I am head over heel with Jatsho. Thanks to all those wonderful people who gave me such loving nieces and nephews!!!


  1. Wonderfull ama....!!! But u didnt share wit us....lol.... Ya its true.... its great to be a ama and mom.

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  3. hey hey dear me too love to be ama and i bcame Ama to my lovely nd oly nephew on my 17th birth day...