Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Its all about Knowing me better...:)


Passang Wangmo is a simple girl with simple dreams...I am popular as Kuenza for my inner world. I belong to a simple and quiet family in a small community in western corner of our country. I was born in the month filled with love; February. I am a pampered daughter of my family. I am Born to a Father from Wangduephordang and Mom from Haa. That makes me a mixture of Haap and a Sha. I am blessed with two loving ashim.
I hate keeping secrets…That’s why what is in my heart is on my lips. I love being with my friends and enjoying hanging out with them. My greatest fear is losing my loved ones. I consider myself honest and dedicated. My friends think that I am a hardworking girl.  I love reading books and am fascinated by good books. I enjoy writing and thus I believe in “forget all the rules and write for yourself”. I am a very good dreamer. It’s rightly predicted that Snake people are deep thinker and so I am... I love tuning to Taylor swift. The Sufi songs by Kalish Kher are very touching and love humming those songs. Each and every songs of Ugyen Pandey are beautiful. My day always begin with his song. I am now wholly in love with music. Music is the best solution for all sorts of problems. I hate people who show two faces.
My friends are my strength. I am not a fair weathered kind of buddy. It is the fact that I value friendship the most. The company I always loved sharing my top secrets are my 4 puenchas (Tshewang Lhamo,Sonam Tshomo,Denka,Xoonam) and the 4 Idiot of Jyenkhana( Kinley Bidha, Tashi Choden, Khandom Tashi ,Chechey Pelmo). They are my first priority and are my 2 am pal.
 My tears are my weakness. I cry very easily. I really wanted to visit Singapore and Seoul. Sometime I wish for the togetherness. Life is too short to be away from your loved one. I am a very emotional and a family girl. My family is everything for me. I always wanted to become someone related to arts. However my dream shattered when I was forced to join science. 2006 is the most regretful year. I admire our Prime Minister Lyoenchen Jigme Y Thinley... Many people think that politics is a dirty game yet I love politics. Politics is all about being a part of a history.
Cozy Days at Bumthang with My friends.....
I enjoy gardening though I do not have green hand like others. I fear darkness and I believe in ghost. I like watching movies. Shahid kapoor is the one and only celebrity that I would kill to go out with. His dance moves and smile makes me go crazy. I relate enjoyment to something from which I get lots of happiness. I never relate enjoyment to abusing my life. I am very passionate when it comes to life and enjoyment. My Mom thinks that I am a chatty and I guess she is right. I love talking. I believe that Love is something which will make you feel alive.  Loving someone is really a wonderful feeling. Love can happen anywhere. Somewhere down the line I am ready to fall in love with a tall, dark and a handsome guy.” Marry only when you want to get married not when you feel you should be married”. I take this line very seriously. Marriage is all about finding your fate.
That’s all about me………

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