Sunday, 15 April 2018

Reminiscence of Year 2017: Without Dark there won’t be stars

I was sitting down with a blank paper in my hand getting ready to map out 2018. Then I realized that the three months of 2018 had already passed by and a new month has just started. It would be unfair on my side if I don’t look back at 2017. Twenty Seventeen will always be a special year to cherish and indeed a chapter of my life.
Though the year had been hectic and stressful, at times it was more like a dream of summer midnight. The thought of travelling during the monsoon, the undulating boulders, sleepy muddy road and having to halt 2 to 3 days in the middle of the journey due to road blocks still scares me. There had been a time when I cried to bed, cursing myself for what I was doing. However, the self trust within me kept me alive.  As September began, I remember myself sleeping among the books flooding around me. Before I could at least enjoy a single summer day, fall has already started. The summer of 2017 was too short. As October bided its goodbye, the cold air started spreading around. The feel of winter has come. Then my days were always in the thought of my ultimate goal. The perplexed November was occupied with Maize survey which indeed helped me to get out of my stressed thoughts. By the time I was back to my station, December has arrived. It was then; I realized that even sleeping was scarier. December has been kind to me.  The last 30 days of 2017 had been the best days of my life. What could I ask more for; news of my much awaited result, Lomba and National day celebration at Home. Everything came systematically.  Thank you 2017 for the memories, the lessons you have taught me and the simple joys that has marked some special days. Thank you 2017 for being there, for adding to conversation, for reading the words and for enabling me to do what I love. I am extremely grateful to all those wonderful people involved in making 2017 a success.