Wednesday, 6 July 2011

4 Angels behind my Childhood

George Elior in his book The Miles on the Floss, he quoted that we would have never loved the earth so well if we have no childhood in it. Childhood is the best part of every person’s life. The memories of those days are treasured forever. It is the stage of life where we are innocent and young. The days are really unforgettable and cherish able. It is the part of a life where we meet our precious and best friends. My childhood days are the best part of my life. I can live the rest of my life by cherishing those memories. The mixture memories of love, laughter, etc… are always the best.

Reflecting back to those days I still remember my gang with whom I had shared my top secrets. They are the best ones. Back then we were the prank-master of our school. The youthful and innocent days at Jyenkhana pry. School is still very vivid in my heart.

 My childhood friends are sweet, bubbly and awesome. My entire childhood days revolve around those people. I was gifted with a circle of buddies who are the best of best.
I am surrounded by group of angels who always guided me when I intended to go in wrong direction. They shared my happiness and sorrows. Together we have created the most incredible memories. From childhood days till today, we had always been on each other’s side.

 Asha subba: The pretty girl with a golden heart. The darling girl of our group. You are just AWESOME!!!!

Kinley Bidha: The girl with open heart. A friend ready for any adventure. Pure heart for friend.You are just AMAZING!!!!

Tashi Choden: Our reletion is just something that everyone loves. The tallest friend with true heart. You are just FANTASTIC!!!!

Tashi Choden (Pasa): My most innocent friend with angel’s heart. A friend whom I know more than anyone else. My youngest buddy. You are just the BEST!!!

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. In every stage of our life, we come across a different friends but the precious and best one will be the same in every stage. Friend is someone on whom we can rely and before whom we can open our heart. Life is incomplete without friend. I had four friends who had always been so kind and dear to me in every stage of my life. They are the world’s best friend. I love you all.

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  1. those were the days.....ya...only if we couuld turn bck the days..........gosh i miss u all:0