Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My fFour s$pecial Friends

Lovely times of our past will never return, but the lovely relationship and memories are there to stay forever. So they say. Life moves on with memories of what we have experienced. Some of these memories are beautiful, while others are not. Reflecting on the time I spent at the College , nostalgic memories come flooding in like a wild cataract.  I remember how I met my four wonderful friends then. They were, indeed, a special gift to me from the College.

These four friends were my world at the college. My days revolved around them. Each one of them gave me the real happiness of life. I owe them everything. From them I learnt life’s greatest truth, that life is meaningless without a friend.

My four friends gave me all the love and care that I needed. They showed me that life is fun. What I do today is only a reflection of the virtues demonstrated by my friends. And this is how I remember them in my life:

Tshewang Lhamo (Tweety) as hardworking and sincere;


   Denka (Somdit) as adventurous and exciting;

Sonam Zangmo (Jerry) as sweet and frank;

       Sonam Tshomo (SomT) as studious as she was a dreamer.

Thinking of my four friends makes me more alive. I feel fortunate that I chanced to come across such good souls in my life. I pray that our friendship continues, grows stronger and flourishes in the future. I  Love You All!!!


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