Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Lost friend...

It was a fine Friday morning of 30th June 2000. We did our last paper for the midterm examination. All the students were very enthusiastic to leave for a short vacation. I was one among them who was keenly waiting for that break so that I could attend many functions in my village. I meet with my class mates and said goodbye, but I never knew that this adieu will be forever for one of my friend.

Friends come and go but some make incredible memories which are very hard to erase out of our mind. I had a friend who was one of the best among many. He was very close to all of us and he was the brightest among us. We were really a good friend. I could still remember those days we spent at jyenkhana pry. School. The year 2000…when I was in fifth standard I lost one of my best friends.

After we departed for our vacation, he stayed with his parents at school only. Since it was summer, it was time for fishing. The next day 1st July 2002…I saw him going for fishing to a place called Dripchu...Our favorite picnic spot along with two friends. I had a little talk with them. It was last glimpse of my dear friend.

Later that afternoon I went to my friend kelzang house to attend her annual puja. Most of us were there happily sharing the special moment. We were planning about a picnic and some of us danced and all I could say is that we were enjoying at the fullest. Suddenly our happiness was dimmed by the news of our friend. We were told that he was drowned by the river…I could not believe it...We were all staring at each other’s face. Deep inside all of us were crying. I never knew such circumstance will happened on that day. We went home and were helpless. All our parents went looking for his body.
After the break we went to school. Our class looked gloomy in his absence. He is the one who made our class interesting and bright. The entire students were just sitting ideally. Our group talked about him. We felt really sorry for his father who was our dzongkha teacher. People of our community searched his body for three months but they could not. All were really helpless. All we did was a pray.
The year went slowly and each day made us to miss him more. Today as I look back I could still remember his smile and jokes he cracked. He was such a person who bought light to our class. We were really close. Now all of us are grown up and we are in our own world. However; we keep in touch and sometime we talk about him.
The death of my friend taught me that life is uncertain and never know what will happen. It also taught me that god never allow good people to suffer on the earth so he take them away from the Earth. Only with him my friend circle is complete, but it still remains incomplete. From those of us here we always miss you and your company.  You were really a wonderful person that I have ever met. We always pray for your soul to remain in peace. Hope to be born as friend in next generation. We always love you!!!!!


  1. mmmmm heart touching one... i still do remember him nw...he ws one of a bright std in our school... all v can do is jst pray for REST HIS SOUL IN PEACE....

  2. Losing a dear Friend... ICan't imagine that Day... I miss u alwyz...

  3. well i never saw his friendly side, Thanks sis, for showing me his friendly side....all i ever did was bully him since i was the younger one i never missed a chance to haunt him. in return he denied me the chance to thank him. Thanks bro thank you..... and sorry... i couldnt fill those shoes u left for me.

  4. I am sorry to share this with U.... sorry fr reminding u .... I know hw much u miss him. Yeah! he hd been a gr8 friend and was the brightest among us... I am so Happy that i encountred such a gr8 soul in my life... wish if he is with us today.... Anyways Ugyen U just remind us of ur Brother.... I am sure he must b proud of u... Be alwyz the same brother.... he is a very special friend for us... we miss him n R.I.P.