Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The unknown love ……

Love is blind and it can happen any time ….there is no seasons and reasons to fall in love. People says that love is from heart and admire is from mind but I believe that both are same. However I heard that love at First sight is really pure and true. I want to share a story about a girl and a boy. It is a real not a reel. I dedicate this piece of writing to my beloved and dearest friend tenzin dolkar.
“We are only left with few days ……Chimi ….now tell him the fact oey……it is not so late sii….”said Kinzang, her best friend. The reply was as usual…… “I can’t…kinza don’t tell to his friends tubga..”then as usual kinza responded. …“Then when are you going to tell him, we are only left with few days to complete our college”.
College days are fun and every one loves it. They enjoy the days with full heart. Year 2008 gave birth to two juvenile love birds; unfortunately they were unable to express their feelings. Finally time arrived for them to walk in different part.
She is simple, lovely, cute, bright and beautiful. She lives with the fashion. She hates showing off but still she looks gorgeous in her simple dress. A girl of her word. She is Chimi Dolkar. She is  Beautiful  and her smile can melt the heart of thousand guys!!!! He is cool, handsome and serious. The heartthrobs of college girls. Every girl in the college falls over him. He is everyone’s sweetheart but his heart is only for his dream girl tenzin. He is Kuenga Dorji.
Their love story is really interesting as it do not have any shape like others. Their story is unique. The first time Dorji saw chimi was during the orientation. She was wearing black and orange kira with black wongu n matching tego. The first sight of her captured his heart and he was in love with her. He remained silent and never told any one. He kept it secret for almost one and half years. At the end of his college he personally told his best friend but Chimi never knew about it.
The first time Chimi saw him was during morning PT.It was five o’clock in the morning. The whistle was blowing and every one was shouting like anything. It was time for jogging. Students were asked to line up near the dining hall. It was during that time she had the first glimpse of her Mr. Right. He was wearing a red jersey shirt and a white half pant. He looked damn cool and handsome. His hair was not combed but still he appeared cool.  The way he dress really impressed her and she knew he was the one. He was her apple of eye.
The days at college flowed like anything but there was no sign of their love. Both of them kept silent and thus this silence made their love grow stronger. Nobody in the campus knew about it only few of us did. I being her friend wanted to tell him about her feelings but she always refused me. Anyhow I managed to give him a hint and I am sure he knew. Soon a time came for us to say good bye to each other. I was helpless.
Then one fine day I called him and told about her but he was not so serious. It was not enough I wanted to see two of them together. They will make a perfect couple. However, it happened one day that his friend told me about Dorjis love for Chimi. It was an emotional moment for me. I called her immediately and told her everything. Though both of them knew about their feelings but still they never confessed each other. It still remained as an unknown love.


  1. Good piece of writing Aum pasa.....
    wow!! wonderful piece
    Loved the overall narration which sounded very much realistic and I could visualize and associate every piece of ur sentence with the true incidents of our daily life.

    Can't wait any longer to read the next section of article, inscribing ur love life.....

  2. oi....this piece is specially dedicated to one of my best friend whom u knw very well....hahha....