Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Good Bye Note

Dear Phuntsho,

Friends meet by chance. I am extremely fortunate to be your friend.  I always look upon you as a great friend and a brother as you know. We had been good friends for more than 3 years and hope we’ll always be like that. We shared some of the liveliest memories and my stay in Mongar would have been empty without your company. I truly enjoyed your company and I will definitely miss our days together. You had been a caring friend. You are one friend before whom I can open my heart and share anything…I feel free to speak my mind in front of you… and you know that very well. For me you are one of the world’s best buddies. Thank you very much for being my friend.

As you move on in your life….I’m extremely happy with your decision. You will achieve your goal for sure. You have choosen the right track and I wish you loads of good luck and wishes. Now you will be entering your new life and may success awaits you. Always remember that “The past is finished. Learn from it and let it go. The future is not even here yet. Plan for it, but do not waste your time worrying about it. Worrying is worthless. When you stop ruminating about what has happened, then you stop worrying about what might never happen, so you will be in the present moment. Only then you will begin to enjoy and experience the real joy and meaning of life. Life is too short to be lived with regrets and worries. Life is once and it should be enjoyed to the fullest. God is so wise that he has given everyone a second chance. We should never miss that chance. Grab that golden chance and make your life. Always be  like what you have been, never change for anyone… you are good and best the way you are and always  remember that I will be ready to lend my shoulder during your thick and thins. You can count on me and I won’t let you down. During those years I might have hurt you intentionally or unintentionally, as far as I remember I don’t….still then I take back those words if ever and ask for your forgiveness.

Now the time has finally come for us to bid each other a goodbye. I doubt whether we could meet up again. However, you shall be always remembered and I would always chew over our days at Mongar.

 At this juncture, I am reminded that” born to die and meet to depart”, time has finally come and I wish you a happy and beautiful life ahead. Now the only alternative left is to cherish the memories. Until then do always keep in touch. I will Miss You & your Company…Good Luck!!!!

Always Buddy
Passang Queenza Wangmo

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