Thursday, 13 September 2012

Beginning and the ending.....

The beginnings for most of the people have the same feeling, only few are fortunate to feel so much ease at the very first sight. My beginning was the worst and still the evoke of that day bring tears in my eye. It really hurts to ruminate that day. It has been two years now, yet it gives me so much uneasiness and pain to chew over that sad day. However, I am sure that jotting it on a paper would give me some ease.

It was 5:30 am; the cool breeze was blowing outside. I woke up and went out to the balcony. A thought came ringing in my mind;”why did I do this, choosing a place far in east…why?”… That question made me mad. I have no answer for this question. I have come all the way from west. My decision to join RNR-RDC Wengkhar was a brave choice. I gazed through the window; the whole environment was completely new to me, everyone seemed stranger. I felt like a young calf lost in a giant forest. Tears puffed up from my eyes and rolled down my cheeks thinking of my home and family and of course my buddies back home. It was a challenge and I was not yet ready to accept it. I was left in a most mystifying situation.

It was the BEGINNING of my new life yet I felt it was THE END. I could not control my feelings. Yeah!! I really missed my home. Friends, family and others called but I was not able to respond. People called me saying that I should not have chosen this place. Though it was a special day, still I believe that it was a horrible nightmare. The first day in Wengkhar made me realize my limitless affection for my home and family. I really had a tough time adjusting myself to the new chapter of my life. The reflection of that day gives me goose bump.

After two years of a lonesome stay at Monger, I am happy with the choice of my place. The place showered me so much love and care. Within two years of my stay the beautiful Mongar leisurely captured my innocent heart and slowly I am falling in love with the place. I have learnt the best part of my life here at Monger. It had been a challenging year. Mongar made me to take responsibilities and experience being alone. Now I have discarded all the fear of being left alone. Thanks to you, Wengkhar…. My beginning had been the worst yet I want my ending here at Monger to be always remembered. Mongar will be a one chapter in my life. I will definitely miss this amazing Place located in the far east of our country.

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