Tuesday, 18 September 2012

 I am a Book Worm 

Use your leisure for the pleasure of reading good books and treasure the pleasure of your leisure for reading … I believe. Reading is a practice which should be cultivated by an individual; however for me reading is my inborn habit. Books had been my closest friend ever since my early days. I am captivated by good books. Reading for me is like listening to music. It gives me ease and harmony.

Reading takes you to another world and experience things. The greatest gift that god has given me is my passion for reading. Reading gives me more satisfaction than any other thing. I love reading and I spent most of my leisure time reading. As a young kid in a primary school I was mesmerized by short stories like Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast…etc…I enjoy reading comic books of Archie’s. Later when I was in eight standards I admired   TinTin comic and Nancy Drew. The wedding by Danielle Steel was the first novel I have read. Ever since then my heart was captured by the work of my all time favorite novelist, the queen of story teller “Danielle Steel’. I like reading the books of DS and Shidney Sheldon, because of the little Juliet inside me; I prefer family drama, sentimental love story and suspense story.  I love mills and boons too. As of now I have read all most every book written by DS.  The Fine Things by DS is a very emotive story and it’s my most preferred book.

I love collecting books.  Whenever I am in town I visit book stores and land up buying books. My sisters have gifted me many books. Not many friends know that I am a book lover. Every time a friend ask me what I gift prefer, I just say “A BOOK”… for me books are the most valued gift. I can’t visualize my life without a book. A good book makes you fall in love with your life. In the last two years I really have become a true book worm and now I need a reading glass. Recently I am into a book “This is a love story” by Jessica Thompson

The Book I love reading the Most

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