Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Girl with a Purple Scarf

“I was walking down a lonely street. Dusk has started to pull in. I could see flock of birds flying back to their nest. Everyone seemed to be settled in their cozy room. I walked, walked and walked till my vision captured a girl with a purple scarf. She wore a jeans and tee shirt. A beautiful purple scarf was wrapped on her neck.  I just wondered who could be that girl. She was humming a song….I walked towards her. We stared at each other’s face and then called out our names at our highest pitch…. “SONAM SONAM….PASSA PASSA…” the girl with purple scarf was none other than Sonam Xoonam. I opened my eye and found myself on my bed….  I just smiled and called her. It was a dream; I had a few years ago. I felt like I found my best buddy”….
Best friend Forever

“Puencha”………. I fondly call her. I never had a thought of meeting her in my entire life. It just happened. After knowing this beautiful soul for more than five years I just feel I got the world’s best buddy.
I relate her to a friend who is equipped for any adventure and excitement. For me she is the one person who got the best personality and attitude. This girl in a purple scarf has made me realize how much a buddy counts in once life. 
The color ‘purple’ always reminds me of my best buddy and every day I remember her with that royal color PURPLE. The color really suits her. Sonam Xoonam is a girl who can light up the group even at her laziest hour. She is a chatty and that’s the best quality I like in her. Outgoing and down to earth are the two words that best describes her. Together we make an ideal friend. We enjoy, we talk, we laugh, we hang out but we never argued. Both of us are gifted with deep understanding and overall she is a very honest girl. She is one of the first person before whom I can open up all my hidden secrets and the only person who knows me in and out and I am the only person she calls first for anything.
Hey!!! Puencha…. Thank You for being my best buddy !!! “You have your whole life, so become someone’s friend before they leave you”…someone rightly said.  We became friends and today we can proudly pronounce ourselves as The Best Friend Forever.
Sonam Xoonam


  1. Dearest puencha.... thanks a lot for such a wonderful post.... m flattered....though m not as good as u described me...... thanks a lot...luv
    frens foreva

  2. You are alwyz Welcome ..... Luv alwyz!!

  3. Itz not fair mae......lol....mapa i am proud to hv a writer lik u in our group....keep writing!!!!

  4. :p yeah !!! i'm guilty now.... but i do have for u too...

  5. Sonam:- I like u Just the way u R..... Rele Missing our evening walk and talk.... and evrything....