Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Happy Teachers Day!!!

I have never missed celebrating this beautiful day. May 2nd the birth anniversary of our third Druk Gyalpo is celebrated as the teachers day. 
 Many wonderful teachers are involved in shaping me as a person. Firstly I sincerely thank my mom, my first teacher for showering me with all the love and guiding me right from my birth. As the nation joins in celebrating the teachers day, I sincerely thank all my teachers for always supporting  and guiding me. Today your words are my strength and my actions are just your reflection. 

To all The teachers of our country; 

Dear Teachers

Teaching is one of the most satisfying job anyone can go for. They put in lots of effort and hard work to manufacture the raw student. I feel being teacher itself is the best deed one can do in the present generation. There would be no scientist,  architecture , engineer , doctors, researchers, Agriculturalist , teachers, etc... without a teacher. Teacher creates all other profession. So be proud and satisfied for just being teacher.

Today is your day...  and I wish all our  teachers a "Happy Teachers Day"... 

Happy Teachers Day!!!