Sunday, 7 April 2013

My dad and his passion :) :)

If you are in Haa Jyenkhana and if you chanced to meet and talk with Mr. Jamyang then I am sure you will hear him talking on political parties in our country.
Sometime I wish if democracy in our country was born few decades ago; so that my dad could have at least tied his luck. Mr.Jamyang most popularly known as Lopen jamyang is one man who just loves politics and the democracy. At 74, he is still very much fascinated by politics. He has a very sound knowledge on political parties, election and all related to democracy. He keeps himself updated with the latest happening in politics in our country.
A die-hard  fan of our Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley… he is one of the strongest and most passionate supporter of our present government. He enjoys every talk of our PM. He believes that politics is about being a part of history and every citizen should be aware and responsible. He feels happy and satisfied with his choice in 2008 and says that he is fortunate to have got an opportunity to vote.
With the 2013 election coming around, my dad is always into BBS esp. “Dawa Kuderon” where the spoke person of new political parties is interviewed. Some time I wonder why he is so keen and interested in politics at this age, but it is good to know that he being a citizen enjoys the democracy; the kings’ special gift to his people. I am very glad that he will get a chance to vote for second time.

As the democracy touched the land of Drukyul my dad always had a dream of seeing one of his daughter as future politician…I wish, if one day I could make it and full fill his most passionate dream.................


  1. The path to the politics is always open as long as your commitment to SERVE is genuine; hope you become one wand fulfill dad's wish! Good Luck.