Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hostel life and ghost incidents.....

Life in a boarding school is always mixed with some fear. The late night ghost story had been there ever since I joined the school. However, we never know whether it is fact or just a fake story. Before joining UDHSS, I have heard my sisters talking about ghost in hostel and I would humbly listen to those stories which later made me to fear hostel life. When the time came for me to join boarding school, I backed off recalling those stories, and however, I had to stay in hostel as there was no other alternatives. Every night for me was a heart attack, though I share my bed with my elder sister. I believe in ghost and I fear ghost, yet I love listening to ghost and horror story.
Many incidents occurred in our school and every time when light goes we would gather together and hot talks will begin. No one in the room would sleep fearing ghost. I have also experienced and underwent some incident. It was a night of cold November 2007. It was almost the end of our academic year; most of the girls (Class 7, 8, 9 11) left for their winter vacation. The girls staying upstairs shifted down stair and everyone was busy preparing for their board exam. It was around 9 pm when three of us left for toilet. We just reached the toilet and suddenly heard a sharp noise calling “aye”…the voice was very sharp that made us staring at each other’s face. With a quick look on each other’s face, we ran like anything. My heart was beating very fast. The girls who were in the toilet ran back and were crying and one of them fainted. Two of my roommates were bold enough to go and inspect that place. No one could sleep that night. It is said that our hostel is build over a crematorium ground.
The old academic building which we call the “Hongkong” market is another place where many students have come across some ghost incident. It happened with some of my friends. It was Sunday evening and most of us were just back from the outing. We came early to attend the evening prayer. However, few of my friends fail to come early so they hid near the old academic building to escape from our warden. It was dark by then and they heard a noise of chair dragged. They went near the main gate and saw chair moving. All of sudden they came running to the dining hall where we were having dinner.
Room No. 13 is my room. I share it with 13 other girls. My bed is near the window side. Every night I hear a sound of book page flipping. I thought that it was girls studying. I never bothered to open my curtain to see who it was. Actually I thought it was my colleague from class xi sci. one day I asked her and her response was negative. She said before she used to and later, one night while the entire hostel was asleep, she was busy preparing for her test. To the blink of her eyes she saw a huge shadow entering from our girls’ hostel gate and it was coming towards her. She doesn’t remember what happened next. When she woke up she was in her room surrounded by her friends. From that particular moment I realized who was outside. I called my younger sister to sleep with me. Those scary moments are still vivid in my mind and I could not erase them from my mind. Still then I miss hostel life.
All my friends know that I am chicken hearted. Everyone stood by my side during those critical hours. I used to hate sleeping since I fear night. I fear getting awake at midnight which usually happens with me. My friends were kind enough to stay awake till I get sound sleep. Those were the worst night and I fear remembering those nights. Thank god! That finally those periods are over and I am learning to experience being alone. Thanks to my beloved friends who saved me from those scary night mares. I should esp. thank Phuntsho Wangmo who then was like my body guard. I still remember your kindness.
The evoke of those incidents makes me feel like I am back to school. There are lots of incidents. Still then, school life is very precious and still misses those dark nights when light goes off and we start gossiping on those incidents. The scary nights are still remembered!!

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  1. You scared me....lol
    Anyways, I enjoyed reading..good work!.. keep writing


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