Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Only..... If pigs could fly;

We never like what we have and we never get what we desire………… that’s part of life, still we survive. Life is filled with expectations. Every new morning comes with a new hope and challenges. Always make sure to accept the challenges. Human desires are unlimited. We always dream for better space, better life and indeed a better world. I am a dreamer. My eyes are always filled with those dreams. I dream to console my heart, I dream to enjoy the beauty and the world beyond me and I dream because I am a born dreamer. Sometime even sweet dreams hurts as such thing never happen in the real world. With many dreams and hopes in my eyes…. I live ….life is too short and we got many dreams and wishes to be fulfilled….  Sometime I wish only if pigs could fly….

Back in our childhood days we believed in fairy tales. Sometime I wish if those fairy tales were real. When nothing goes my way, I feel like I’m leading a dog’s life. The self esteem and the trust I have in me seems declining day by day. I am scared and worried that one day I might become a dirty dog to myself and my world around. If things remain monotonous, then I am sure that one day I will be a dead duck and will be dropped like a hot cake by the world and the people around me. That will be the time when I would wish “Only If Pigs Could Fly……..”
If Pigs could fly.....