Thursday, 5 December 2013

A Letter from My Friend

Receiving a letter from a friend when you have all means of communication is so much fun. It had been almost six years without receiving a single letter. I received a letter from my BBF Xoonam. We chat on Facebook every day, we talk on phone, we meet and spend times together, yet nothing can beat that excitement of receiving a letter and going through it. Thank you Xoonam for writing to me and indeed it had been the best surprise ever.

It’s actually funny to receive such letter when you have all means of communication, but this is just to remind you of those good olden days. We never got a chance to post a letter to each other since back then we were unknown”. She jotted. Yeah! It’s true we never had that chance. However, your today’s’ letter made me live my schooling days for a moment. The first letter I received after so long year was yours and you can’t imagine my excitement here. I re-read your letter several times and still I can’t take my eyes off from those beautiful words. Your fat hand writing made me to go back to our college days. Gosh! I love your hand writing (seriously). You got a doctors hand writing. Thank you for choosing me to be the first person to write to after so long years. In the recent time I almost forgot letter writing and your this letter refreshed my mind. Kardinche my beautiful friend for that letter… it was a very special letter.

Back at school, I usually receive letter every month from my friends. I never delay to reply my friends and today that made our friendship alive and stronger. I would be saluting during our meal time to receive those letters. I still have those letters in my drawer. Sometime going through those letters can bring smile to your uneasy life. Thank you Xoonam for letting me ruminate over those crazy school days. I promise to surprise you with a reply one fine day. Just wait!!!


  1. That would be funny yet interesting. I know how one would feel when once interested and prevalent things now nearly forgotten are brought back in our minds abruptly. This has happened in you. Great. Keep posting. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Haha. Nice recapture. Keep writing la.

  3. You are so very lucky that you got a letter from your fren. I too love receiving letters, especially those handwritten. I hope you would keep blogging and inspiring us.