Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Winter Sun

I always had a fond memories with the winter sun. As December makes its way towards 2013,  I could feel the winter sun shining upon me. The winter sun always reminds me of my days back at Haa.

The 1st of December, Sunday, I was outside my room in Mongar. The enormous and beautiful Sun was just above me and I was gazing the sun all alone... a nostalgic memories came flooding like a wild cataract. The warmth and feeling in the winter sun is very much different from the summer sun. The Happiness and excitement you feel in the morning when the sun rise and the sadness that touches your heart when the sun kisses the hills in the evening. The winter sun is always worth watching.

Back at Haa,  despite the cold weather , winter is always fun. Our Local Festival Lomba and The snowfall lights up our winter days. In the afternoon we would be  outside in the sun talking and playing. Those precious times are always remembered. I always love winter. For me it is the time when friends and families come together.

The winter sun is very close to my heart. I look at the sun and feel that my friends are shining upon me. It always gives me a time to remember my days at Haa and the people whom i love dearly. For next 3 months I will be enjoying the warmth of the winter Sun!!!

The Winter Sun