Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Places on the earth I wanted to explore

Being born in this fairy tale kingdom, I feel extremely fortunate to breathe the Bhutanese air. Aside from Bhutan, there are many places I wanted to visit. I always enjoyed travelling and experiencing different adventures.
 As a Young high school girl, I used to say Switzerland but that was just a saying. As of now I really wish to go to Seoul, South Korea. The only people I can think of visiting Seoul are with my pals. An idea of a mini vacation in Seoul will be complete only with my friends. Seoul is all about having fun and freedom. It won’t be that much fun to explore or holiday with your parents in Seoul. I would dare not to miss a chance if I was to go for   a pilgrimage in Bodh gaya or Nepal with my family, but Seoul is different. My love for this beautiful City goes back to the days when I first read about the city in a magazine.  It’s beautiful landscape, amazing culture and of all the benevolent and beautiful people can make anyone fall in love. A thought of shopping in Seoul will make any one a crazy shopaholic. I can’t wait to visit Seoul with my friends and live a life of a carefree Korean at least for a week.
The capital of turkey, Istanbul is another place I wish to see. The only place which lies within  two continent; Europe and Asia. I always wish to stand on that bridge; The Bosphrous bridge and take a selfie… :p. Sonam; you are the only one i could think of visiting this place with. Our love for travelling and our extra excitement will make the trip more memorable. I hope we get a chance to see this place together.
Who won’t like to visit Paris? It will be a never ending dream for me to capture a glimpse of the most beautiful and the romantic Effile Tower. I sincerely wish to visit Paris with the people I love the most.
There are many places in the list but for now those three are my first pick. A world tour with my best buddies had always been my dream and it’s still alive. 

More Up dates coming Soon!!!!!!


  1. Wish all your dream destinations coming true soon Passang and keep dreaming! That's what make us alive! :)

    1. Thank You mamm @Rima for going through it.... Hopefully ...:)