Thursday, 28 August 2014

Straight from my Heart … with much Love!!!

The new day was just born. It was 12:35 am, the 12th of August 2014. I was awaken by the repeated beeping of my cell phone. In my half sleep state I could see many familiar numbers calling me; I rubbed my eyes to catch the clear view, yeah! My family member started ringing me one after another. I rejected everyone’s call for I already knew why and what they wanted to say. Slowly tears started oozing out of my eyes and for a while my heart stopped beating. I was left in a state with No-emotion. “Om Mani Padmae Hung” I whispered to myself. It was that moment when my uncle breathed his last. The midnight of 12th August 2014 I lost my dearest uncle.
A million words wouldn’t bring you back, I know because I have tried them…. Neither would a million tears, I know because I have cried them. This is the uncertainty of the so called life. A month ago we shared the same food from a pot and our talk over a cup of tea, these memories are killing me. I still don’t believe you are no more!
Those were the days, when I used to irritate and play prank around you. For I wasn’t the best niece you had but I did my best to be the one. You are that jovial man I came across in my life. I have many beautiful moments with you and each one is dear to my heart. Your last moments weren’t that colorful. I could feel the pain you had. We did our best to safe you. I hope you must be happy with what has happened. At this age, you left us and I feel contended since you have lived enough. Deep inside, the empty space you created in my heart, no one can replace. Each and every second of my life I will miss your absence for you are the most loved uncle I ever had. Your demise is a chapter of my life; it taught me to be stronger, braver and more responsible and for now all I could do is pray for your peaceful journey towards your next birth. Rest in peace!!!

Much love



  1. Deep condolences for the lost of your dear Uncle, Passang. May he is born in a better life. Om mani padme hum...

  2. Passang, my prayers for his peaceful afterlife.RIP. This cruel fate shall crisp into everyone's life, it's a matter of time. So, we must brave all those sad moments go ahead with brave heart. Be brave. Our prayers could be his only friends. Thanks.

  3. It's sad that you have lost your uncle who has been very much part of your life. Good people leave this cruel world early because it's said that good people are also needed in heaven. May his soul find eternal happiness

  4. We offer our heartfelt condolences to your beloved late uncle. May his soul rest in peace. And it teaches us the impermanence of life. I am really sorry for this. Hope doing great in life. Do Great. Take care. :)