Thursday, 12 March 2015

Driving through the HELL Moment....

Just the other day, my friend was reminding me that having a gallstone has become more like a fashion these days. You should be happy that you got it on the right time. Yeah! I am Happy that I realized it just on my birthday. I am not sick, I don’t feel any pain, I still have my good appetite. All I hated during the past week was the medicine that I took. As prescribed by the surgeon, I took pain killer ibuprofen after each meal for two consecutive days. The reaction after taking that medicine took me to hell. Never in my life had I been unhappy and gloomy. The cheerful world within me vanished after the third ibuprofen I took. For the past four days all I  did was sleep, sleep and sleep.

The chatty me has finally turned dumb. I hated talking and found everything too boring. For a moment I thought boredom kidnapped me. I did my best to come out of that state yet every time I try to do something different, I started getting pissed off. Things weren't in my hand. I found myself shivering. I did talk with some of my close ones but don’t remember what I said. Yes! I was completely drained for the last four days. Even a thought of a good dinner killed my mood. The things which usually excite me seem to have turned my enemy for few days. Then I realized it wasn't the original me. A thought of taking 3 ibuprofen a day for two week was beyond my imagination. I just kept that medicine away from my sight.  I never want to go back to that dark world.

After the fourth day, I found a little live within me. I found myself talking with my friends and watching TV. On the 6th day I woke up to a beautiful morning being myself. I woke up cheerfully with an excitement for the day ahead. It gave me immense happiness to be in my normal state. I picked up my cell phone and dialed home to say that I am fine as I have bothered them so much during those four dark days.
The past week had been the worst of all. I felt like driving through hell. If that is the world after taking drugs, No doubt, I would say a big No!!! I never want to live in that world even for a second.

…Happiness is finally being in your normal state J I just love the world and people around me . Wishing myself a speedy recovery :) :)


  1. Glad that you have fully recovered by now. And you will be fine forever here after. May god bless you. Take care.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that Kuenza. But having medicine can solve it? I thought you have to undergo surgery to remove the stones no? Please go and have a thorough check up, and I wish you recover soon and be happy again. Take care dear! :)