Thursday, 19 March 2015

Spring is here...

Look around and you will find yourself gazing at the beautiful peach flowers. The feel of warm spring breeze against your face, people in sleeveless shirts and shorts, and a break for your Uniqlo jackets, finally spring is here .Today the first day of spring 2015.
The eye pleasing peach flowers dominates the start of the season. The light shower washes away the dust that winter has left. Spring comes with happiness, love and freshness. As I celebrate my birthday at the start of the season, the season will always shower me with immense love and luck. I always had fond memories with the season.
Spring, the time for our farmers to go back in the field. Being an agriculturalist, spring is a special season. Everything can wait but not agriculture. Yes! Spring is for us. Here in the east farmers are keenly sowing Corn and back in the western part of our country the summer vegetable nursery are right on the track. Spring is the season for us to work with the soil and enjoy the beauty of farming and gardening.

This spring, I have decided to grow tomato in egg shell. I have seeds in my hand and I can’t wait to sow it. Thank you,Tshewang, for sharing the picture which motivated me to start up my tomato nursery. Since, the season is already here, those interested in gardening; it is the right time. Go for it and enjoy the fruit later.

Try this....
Flowering peach


  1. You have cutely planted the saplings in the egg shells. Also beautifully described about spring.

  2. OMG! didn't know we could actually grow tomato in egg shell. that's nice idea, thought.
    By the way, you are luck to have birthday in spring :))