Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My Random thoughts on Human Value

It had been more than five days tuning to human value workshop and in all these days we were taken into the world of human value. The word human value had been revolving around me for the last few days. What is human value??...  A Simple question that will make a person go speechless for a moment, yet it is an interesting topic to discuss and boggle our mind at times. Though human value isn’t a new to me yet going into deep was educative and informative. Here are few points from the last lesson that really took my mind away.
Living your own life: So far this is one of the best lessons I have learnt. Did you ever realize that you are living others life. If you deeply focused on your thought and think over, never for a moment you have lived your life. In this fast developing country of ours, everything has become so judgmental and people are too sensitive. With such surrounding, everyone is bothered in one or another way. We don’t find walking and sitting alone comfortable; why? Because we think that somebody is watching over of us. Such silly thought of ours have ruined our freedom of being alone. As I look back, I could see myself living others life; I was mostly going with peoples thought and I always felt my choice wasn’t good. That was my weird thinking which made my life difficult. Lately I have discovered that being on your own is one best way to discover yourself. So living your own life is one of the best components of human value.
I have always believed that in a world without trust, nobody could survive. Trust is the foundation and soul of everything. I am a kind of person who trusts people easily and in return I expect the same trust. I have always related that as my weakness, however, learning to trust and being a trust worthy person isn’t a bad notion. With trust you have to carry the risk of being hurt. An incident of mine, which happened last year, has made me to think over the word trust. Today it scares me to face a person approaching with a smile because we never know what that smile is up to, hence I have decided to erase my that weakness.
Every day we are implementing the components of human value and guiding ourselves in becoming a good and positive individual. I remember a person saying that a person without human value is like an empty can. Every one of us is blessed with some components of human value and some we get to learn as we live by. I am happy that in me, I found some good components of human value which I have been using every day.

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