Sunday, 30 August 2015

My Summer Takes ...

Lately I had been too much involved with an assignment where I had to click flower pictures and identify them. For a moment I felt like I was living my childhood days where I and my friends used to collect flowers and count who among us has the highest and the most beautiful flower. In the process of this beautiful assignment I realized my weakness with flowers; I hardly know the names of flowers excluding the common ones and sometime it is a shame to call yourself an agriculturalist.

Every day, as we live by, we get to have the glance of beautiful flowers yet never bother to appreciate the beauty. I was one among it. I have come across many eye pleasing and heart touching flowers yet I never took a time to capture a click. Just a week ago, I was in a rush for my assignment and went across from places to places looking for flowers.  I got few clicks and I immensely fell in love with flowers. Sometime a picture can make someones hard day a brighter one, yes! It did to me. 

Someone rightly said that flowers are key to some body’s heart. It has proved to be true; give a flower to a person who looks dimmed, it will light up their face. Flower in a way has the power to unite the heart. Flower is one such beauty that can last forever though it decomposes, thus a beauty of a person is always compared to flowers. I was exploring through the languages of flowers and found it very interesting to know that each and every single flower symbolizes something.  Every flower we grow or give has its own meaning and thus it is important for us to know what each flower represents before we grow or give. A flower a day can make someones day smile!!!!
Pink Gerbera

Creamy white Aster in full bloom


Beautiful Pink Aster
Pink Bougainvillea in its full bloom


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